Pompeo Responds to NYT Story Trump Is a “National Security Threat”


If you remember back to 2016 and 2017, the left-wing media and Democrats accused everyone on the right of being Russian puppets or dupes or outright spies. They accused Rep. Devin Nunes of being a Russian pawn.

For the NY Times or their sources to call President Trump a “threat to national security” is as ridiculous on the face of it. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo thinks so too.

“I’m not going to comment on New York Times stories, but I’ll certainly say this: the- the notion that President Trump is a threat to American national security is absolutely ludicrous,” Pompeo told CBS’s Margaret Brennan for an interview set to air on “Face the Nation.”

“The idea that’s contained in the New York Times story that President Trump was a threat to American national security is silly on its face and not worthy of a response,” he added.

At what point will the Democrats and their media have gone too far?

President Trump responded in a series of tweets:

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