Pompeo Trashed After Referencing God’s Hand in Golan Heights Decision


President Trump did what no other President would do. He recognized Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights. Prior to that, he recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. President Trump also obliterated that awful and dangerous Iran deal. There is no question that he also saved the Middle East from the scourge of ISIS. He saw to it that our military defeated the Caliphate completely.

Donald Trump is the most pro-Israel President in U.S. history.

After the Golan Heights announcement, an interviewer for The Christian Broadcasting Network asked the Secretary of State Nick Pompeo if God intervened.

“Could it be that President Trump right now has been sort of raised for such a time as this, just like Queen Esther, to help save the Jewish people from the Iranian menace?” the interviewer asked.

“As a Christian, I certainly believe that’s possible,” Pompeo replied. “It was remarkable. So we were down in the tunnels where we could see 3,000 years ago and 2,000 years ago — if I have the history just right – to see the remarkable history of the faith in this place and the work that our administration’s done to make sure that this democracy in the Middle East, that this Jewish state remains. I am confident that the Lord is at work here.”

God loves sinners too and sends all kinds of people to help others, some who seem very unlikely. We are all God’s creatures. Isn’t that what Nancy Pelosi said of the MS-13 animals? The left will back them up but not religious people?

There is nothing wrong with a religious man referencing God and showing his love of Israel, but that’s not the case with the haters sharing space with us on social media.

SOS Pompeo’s comments immediately led to a predictable leftist assault of the President and Pompeo. These naysayers and haters should expend as much energy condemning Ilhan Omar and other’s anti-semitism right in the halls of Congress. That is a literal disgrace and Democrats wouldn’t even pass a resolution against it.

This is the clip. It couldn’t be more harmless and kind.

This is a sample from the angry left:

This loon likes to just make up stuff. Pompeo never talked about the ‘rapture’.

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