Pool Owners Are Racists! So Are Those People Who Live In Gated Communities!


by Rosalie Hanson and Maureen Dowling


It is now racist to own a pool or live in a gated community!

There is a war on suburbia and on whites. If you live in a nice house in suburbia and you are white, watch out, because you are hated for chewing up all the resources when you didn’t build that. You are hiding behind your white privilege with what should be shared resources.

Leave it to the left-wing to find racism by whites in a situation where minority teens were acting out at a pool party.

Anyone who watches cable news has seen the video of out-of-control teens and an angry, screaming girl being held on the ground by an officer’s knee, an officer who later unholsters his gun and aims it at teens intervening. The officer is suspended but that’s not the story for WaPo writer Emily Badger (photo below), who hails originally from…where else…Chicago. The real story is that it’s racist to own a pool or live in a gated community.

leftist Badger

Ms. Badger thinks private communities are equivalent to the Jim Crow days with separate but equal everything.

“For decades, swimming pools in America have been sites of racial exclusion. Many of the fights to desegregate communities and public resources in the 1950s were waged over access to swimming pools. And the way they’re used to this day still reflects a sweeping trend — more subtle in its exclusion but no less pervasive — that arose from that era.”

Ms. Badger sees racism in community pools:

As public resources were desegregated in American cities, communities increasingly found ways to privatize them. In McKinney on Saturday, the black teens were not using a public pool. They were swimming, rather, in the communal pool of a private community in the predominantly white part of town where civic resources like parks and pools are funded directly by homeowners. McKinney has three public pools, Appelbaum (a writer for The Atlantic) points out, but none of them are in this part of town.

All of a sudden, the all-knowing Badger couldn’t say what happened before and after the rampage by some rampaging pool goers, but she knows for sure that residents weren’t concerned about their behavior so much as their presence – they didn’t belong.

Many of the attendees at the pool – minority teens – were great and they too were offended by the misbehavior of the teens who crashed and then acted out.

She doesn’t know anything about that and she fails to see the logic of gated resources.The privileged, she believes, control who is in the community. Private pools in fenced yards are even worse.

There are such things as accidents and lawsuits but that thought hasn’t occurred to Ms. Badger it seems. There is such a thing as privacy. Badger doesn’t know about that either.

It’s not only pools that prove racist, it’s public spaces over shared resources, private schools over public, individually-owned cars used in lieu of mass transit, secluded yards that supplant public parks.


private school

Suburbanites are the bitter clingers. We have our bibles and our guns.  We must change our culture as leftist Hillary Clinton said.

The left blames the suburbanites for what is happening to places like Detroit. It can’t be the fault of the liberal policies.

As Rush said, “They blame suburbia and suburbanites for what’s happening in places like Detroit, for example, and other big cities that are in the midst of this decay. It is because people have moved out, and they have moved out to places where they can hang out together and be amongst people like them.”


See where Badger and her ilk are going with this? It’s Marxist through-and-through.

Badger ended with this.

Excessive police use of force is in and of itself a problem, one increasingly recognized by politicians from both political parties. Here, though, as with so many of these stories lately, much more — the way we design communities and divide their resources with race and class quietly in mind — is implicated, too.

This is the totalitarianism that will condemn people who want to earn a living and enjoy the benefits they worked for when there are those who don’t earn and don’t have. Racism is a convenient tool. They want your stuff and they won’t stop until they get it. You will be assimilated.

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2 years ago

Amerika. Mickey Mouse, virulent racsism, Hollyweird, gated communities. A genetically infirm, morally reprehensible, and mentally unsound “Dear Leader:” The greater good, means nothing. The scourge of free market capitalism has infected your vapid non-culture with beady eyed business weasels, and the myth of exceptionalism rat a tat tatted inside the upper lip of your Manifest Destinied DNA. Perhaps, in the cards, there might be a ride in an open air limo down one of your carefully coiffed cul-de-sacs? Slow down to a crawl as you pass the grassy knoll. Sight seeing? It’s time for a quick 9.

Lee Kirchner
7 years ago

We the people are fed up with race and class warfare.
The left is all about power and the taking of and the redistribution of your assets.
Is it too late for voting to be the answer?
Most votes are bought and paid for with your tax dollars by the left.
Maybe the rigged voting game is over….and we need to move on … Like out of the country.

Terry Evers
Terry Evers
7 years ago

My wife and I worked all our lives to own our home in a neighborhood where we pay dues to maintain our community pool and green spaces. If that makes us racists so be it. Show up in our neighborhood and cause trouble be prepared to be confronted by protecting homeowners. Black Panthers and Nation of Islam this includes you.


Francis W. Porretto
7 years ago

I’ve found that the most effective countermeasure against the Left’s “racism” trope is to own it and point it back at them. It’s the one thing they never expect, and they simply can’t cope with it. I recommend it.

7 years ago

Obama should invite the beknighted teens to enjoy the White House swimming pool. It IS public property and I’m sure the Obamas wouldn’t be so racist as to keep it to themselves. Would they?

The race baiters quickly appeared. Was this orchestrated through a black resident who reportedly ‘invited’ her friends and the resulting mob to come and party?’

Now the cop, who acted correctly, has lost his job. Police are pushed back even more. The commies’ race war moves closer.