Poop City San Fran Loses A $64 Million Conference Over Filth & Crime


The city with one of the most beautiful skylines in the world is going down thanks to progressive policies. The city has a poop map to help visitors and people living in the city avoid the areas with the most excrement. Waste blankets the city and crime is up.

Oracle pulled their $64 million tech conference out of  San Francisco and moved to Las Vegas over the unsafe and filthy conditions resulting from far-left policies.

There are over 5100 unsheltered homeless in the city.

The streets are filled with human excrement and often dangerous homeless people are living all over the streets. The unsheltered homeless are not getting the help they need. They are allowed to do whatever they want. These lost souls can break into cars and sleep in them if they choose. DA Chesa Boudin will not prosecute any quality of life crimes, even public urination.

Nothing will change with the communist DA who believes they should be allowed to sleep, poop, and steal wherever they want. The DA is the son of two violent domestic terrorists and he was raised by weather underground terrorist-communists — Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. His mother Kathy Boudin was released from jail not so long ago and was hired by Columbia University. His father remains imprisoned.

Oracle isn’t the only conference to leave. They recently lost a $40 million conference and several companies are moving or moved. North Face is moving to Denver in 2020, Charles Schwab announced a move in 2019, Bechtel relocated to Virginia in 2018, and McKesson moved to Texas in 2018.




  1. Im not sure if these conferences help rise the prices of the hotels and I have to compete with them, or they help me find more nice hotels, although expensive.

  2. i blame the people for keep voting to office these idiots that are pulling the city down with the people right along with it. what in the hell are city directors doing about this stupid stuff….probably going right along with it!! it wont take long for this city to go down the tubes with bankruptcy or something along the lines and i am sure they will be asking for a bail out from the people of the US. hell no, don’t help anything unless they agree to let competent people come in and clean the city

  3. Didn’t see this in the comments. In case you don’t know. This is so bad that you can get apps for your phone to avoid areas with feces in the street. WTH?? The Left must be so proud of their ‘work’.

  4. They make fun of us in the flyover for being sub-human, but
    it appears our midwest wildlife is more couth than much of SFO’s homo-sapience.

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