Awash in poop, hypodermic needles and trash, San Fran plans to end the to go cup blight


The tents and belongings of the homeless population line the streets in the city of San Francisco. Homeless camps occupy the sidewalk next door to city buildings in every area of the city.

San Francisco is now known for vagrants who sleep in strangers’ cars, poop wherever they like and leave hypodermic needles everywhere. However, that doesn’t stop San Franciscans from banning paper coffee cups.

Coffee shops in the city are replacing the to go cups with everything from glass jars to rental mugs and BYO cup policies.

This is in dirty San Fran, awash with poop, hypodermic needles, and trash which is quickly descending into Third World status in parts of the city.

Small shops and big names are getting involved with the cup crisis even as crime rises and poop maps are a necessity for tourists.

The AP reports:

Celebrated chef Dominique Crenn, owner of the three-star Michelin restaurant Atelier Crenn, is opening a San Francisco cafe next year that will have no to-go bags or disposable coffee cups and will use no plastic. Customers who plan to sip and go at Boutique Crenn will be encouraged to bring their own coffee cups, says spokeswoman Kate Bittman.

On a bigger scale, the Blue Bottle coffeehouse chain, which goes through about 15,000 to-go cups a month at its 70 U.S. locations, says it wants to “show our guests and the world that we can eliminate disposable cups.”

Blue Bottle is starting small with plans to stop using paper cups at two of its San Francisco area branches in 2020, as part of a pledge to go “zero waste” by the end of next year. Coffee to-go customers will have to bring their own mug or pay a deposit for a reusable cup, which they can keep or return for a refund. The deposit fee will likely be between $3 and $5, the company said.

The restauranteurs claim it’s to save the environment, but it is more likely it’s to save them money.

The crazy MSM is encouraging this and making no mention of the excrement problem or the drug addicts and their needles problem. They are oblivious to the tent cities popping up and the illegal alien criminals floating around, but they sure are getting after paper cups because San Franciscans are eco-friendly.

Can’t they see the homeless throughout the city?

Blind, but they will not see. Rome is burning but let’s check out that new portico. How does anyone take these people seriously???

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