Poor Auntie Maxine Might Not See Trump Impeached Over Obstruction of Justice


Democrat Party icon and spokesperson Maxine Waters thinks they have Donald Trump on obstruction of justice charges for comments he allegedly made to Jim Comey about General Flynn who he had just fired days before.

FBI Director Jim Comey apparently takes notes after meetings, at least those that make him uncomfortable, and that’s what he did after a meeting with President Trump. The notes in memo form only turned up after Comey was fired. No one reporting on the memo has seen it.

Rumor has it that one of Comey’s aides leaked it to the media.

Democrats say that Trump was trying to obstruct justice by saying he hoped the FBI saw it his way in the Flynn case.

Democrats were very hopeful this was the one thing that would lead to impeachment.

Unfortunately, Comey is going to have to say it didn’t rise to the level of obstruction of justice because he didn’t report it as required by law. If he doesn’t, he could go to jail. At least that is according to attorney and Fox News commentator Gregg Jarrett.

It will be a real disappointment to Auntie Maxine who can’t say impeachment enough.

“You’ve got to do what you know should be done: You’ve got to identify and lay out for the American public everything that he has done, these firings, this obstruction of justice. … And in the final analysis – Maxine Waters was right: You gotta impeach him,” Maxine Waters said at the Ideas Conference last week.

She’s a broken record.

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