Pope Francis: DACA Is Pro-Life; “Stupid” Global Warming Deniers Will Be Judged Harshly


Pope Francis accepting his communist cross from Bolivian President Evo Morales

During a presser Sunday, far-left Pope Francis portrayed DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] as a pro-life issue. He also lashed out against global warming doubters.

Though he has denied being an open borders proponent, he is in every way an open borders pope who cares little for the sovereignty of nations.

The Pope recently said there must be a simplified process of accepting illegal immigrants without “collective expulsions”. He said the principle of ensuring each person’s dignity “obliges us to always prioritize personal safety over national security,” the AP reported.

Pope Francis was aboard the papal plane Sunday when he gave a news conference as he returned from a five-day trip to Colombia.

About the illegal “kids” – we put that in parentheses because most are not “kids” and almost none had documentation – he said: “The President of the United States presents himself as pro-life and if he is a good pro-lifer, he understands that family is the cradle of life and its unity must be protected.”

By those standards, that sentence translates into endless chain migration.

The Pope admitted he knows nothing of the specifics of DACA. “I think this law comes not from parliament but from the executive,” the Pope said. “If that is so, I am hopeful that it will be re-thought.”

We don’t have a parliament, he’s without the proper information to make these comments.

If His Holiness didn’t get involved politically, his views wouldn’t be a problem. As a Catholic, I respect him and honor his dictums on faith and morals, but his political opinions are god-awful and I don’t have to listen to them. He should concentrate on church matters.

The Pope, who subscribes to the most extreme view of global warming, then went on to climate change, claiming history will judge deniers of climate change harshly.

He thinks hurricanes are definitely caused by global warming though that is not what normal scientists are saying. NOAA isn’t saying that. And as far as the Paris agreement is concerned, it made almost no negligible difference in the weather but it would have destroyed the US economy.

“Those who deny this must go to the scientists and ask them. They speak very clearly,” he said, referring to experts who blame global warming on man-made activities.

“These aren’t opinions pulled out of thin air. They are very clear,” he said. “Then they (leaders) decide and history will judge those decisions.”

For those who have denied climate change, or delayed actions to counter it, he responded with an Old Testament saying: “Man is stupid.”

“When you don’t want to see, you don’t see,” he said.

Some would say that about his views.

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