Pope Francis Gives President Trump His Far-Left Writings on Climate Change, Economics


As a Catholic, I deeply respect the Pope and think of him as having a good soul, however, that doesn’t make his politics and economics accurate. I’m not a fan and he’s a man of the hard-left whether he thinks so or not.

When President Trump and his family arrived at Vatican City, Pope Francis gave the President a medallion of an Olive Tree, which is a symbol of peace. It’s a beautiful symbol but the Pope thinks peace can be won only by love.

Tell that to the children in Manchester.

The Pope doesn’t look very happy in this photo.

The hard-left, spearheaded by Soros’s Think Progress, pushed the conspiracy theories  this morning about the Pope brandishing his weapons of ideas in Trump’s face and never smiling for the entire 30 minutes.

Actually, that can’t be true if one looks at this photo.

He’s smiling here too.

Soros-funded National Catholic Reporter wrote that Francis offered copies of his published works on progressive economics, climate change, and nonviolence to the President.

For example, Francis gave Trump a copy of Laudato Si’, the pope’s famous and far-left encyclical on the environment that was published in 2015.

It is obvious the Pope wants us all to agree with him, especially President Trump. There’s no problem here unless President Trump falls for it. Of course we should be leaders in caring for our environment, but extremism overs a greatly exaggerated “science” will destroy our nation without any evidence the plan for climate control will have any effect whatsoever.

It is a bit rude of the Pope to give the President documents that conflict with Trump’s perspective on every issue, but they are the Pope’s writings. Trump gave him the works of Martin Luther King.

Francis handed Trump a copy of his  Evangelii Gaudium, a 2013 papal exhortation that espouses a progressive view of economics. Much of what is in there is actually a rejection of crony Capitalism and the “idolatry of money”. However, it’s not clear the Pope understands Capitalism – true free market principles – or wants to.

Perhaps Trump should have given the Pope a book on Reaganomics. The Pope needs it more than Trump needs hard-left reading material.

It’s fine that the Pope is talking of peace. That’s what he should be talking about, not politics of which he knows little. His views are extreme in every quarter. Where is he while Venezuela burns? He is from Argentina. Why doesn’t he rail against the violence of the hard-left? He only seems to see the flaws in Capitalists.

Francis then made a point to show the president a signed copy of the message he delivered on the 2017 World Day of Peace.

“When victims of violence are able to resist the temptation to retaliate, they become the most credible promotors of nonviolent peacemaking,” Francis declares in the speech.

Tell that to the people of Manchester.

The pontiff sought to drive the point home by handing Trump a medallion he often presents to world leaders, which depicts an olive tree binding together a broken rock. “I am giving you this because I hope you may be this olive tree to make peace,” Francis said.

“We can use peace,” Trump replied.

As he left, Trump promised Francis he would mull over the writings, saying, “Well, I’ll be reading them.”

God, I hope not.

Pope Francis grew up in a hard-left country surrounded by Marxists he says were good people, including liberation theologists. It seems to have influenced him, much as the most radical of climate change prophets have influenced him.

While his flock are being persecuted around the world, he sounds less concerned about the victims than for spreading love to terrorists and for opening borders for refugees, some of whom are terrorists.

Our President has spoken out more forcefully on behalf of the persecuted Catholics than Pope Francis.


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