Pope Francis Held a Secret Meeting in D.C.


NBC News reported that Pope Francis appeared to weigh in on the side of anti-gay-marriage clerk Kim Davis, saying government workers have a “human right” to refuse to carry out a duty if they have a “conscientious objection.” They gave the report before the news was leaked that Pope Francis met with Kim Davis secretly while he was in D.C.

While returning from his visit to the U.S., the pontiff told reporters aboard the papal plane Monday that anyone who prevents others from exercising their religious freedom is denying them a human right.

As it turns out, Pope Francis had a secret meeting with Kim Davis while in D.C. He met her in the Vatican embassy Thursday, embraced her and thanked her for her courage. He told her to stay strong.

He gave Kim Davis and her husband rosaries which he blessed.

Pope Francis just sent a very powerful message about religious freedom!

This information came via her attorney Mat Staver.

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