Pope Francis Is an Unpopular Peronista in His Homeland


Before Pope Francis was chosen, I was warned by priests he would be the worst of the possible candidates. He supported Marxism and Liberation Theology. He is no John Paul or Benedict.

Pope accepting communist cross from Evo Morales

In an article by George Neumayr, focusing on why Pope Francis has not visited his homeland, Argentina, Neumayr asked Argentinians what they thought. They said Pope Francis will come to Argentina when the Peronistas are back in office. The red Pope doesn’t like the current administration which he accuses of being conservative. That is ridiculous. The current administration is very liberal.

The Peronistas are on the verge of returning to power and Argentina is possibly returning to its failed socialist government.

Neumayr spoke to every Argentinian he could on his trip and they all consistently said they disliked him.

So how do the Argentinians feel about Jorge Bergoglio?

“We all know he is a son of a bitch,” said a former prosecutor to me. “We are ashamed of him. He represents our worst qualities.”

His friend chipped in that Catholics consider Francis “to be a fake, a make-believe pope,” not to mention, he added, an uncultured, ill-mannered flake.

The former prosecutor oozed contempt for Francis: “He knows nothing — not morals, not theology, not history. Nothing. Only power interests him.”

“At seminary, his classmates called him ‘Machiavelli,’ ” said author Antonio Caponnetto.

The Pope’s friend and former ambassador to the Holy See, Santiago Estrada said the Pope hates businessmen and his promotion of molesting bishops has been “inexplicable.”

Behind the scenes, the red Pope has been working to get the hard-left Peronistas back into office. Some of the Peronistas want the Pope to canonize Evita.

The author is a devoted Roman Catholic who doesn’t like reporting these things

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A.P. O'Beachain
A.P. O'Beachain
4 years ago

Totally biased and fake evaluation.