Pope Francis Is Wrong to Pray for Open Borders


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Pope Francis told the gathering of diplomats, at his “State of the World Address”, that “the present wave of migration seems to be undermining the foundations of that “humanistic spirit” which “Europe has always loved and defended.”

Francis told his audience that the Vatican is looking forward to the United Nations’ World Humanitarian Summit in May, to succeed in “placing the personal and human dignity at the heart of every humanitarian response.”

During his address, Pope Francis spoke of illegal immigration into the United States, “Then too there is the alarming fact that many immigrants, especially in the Americas, are unaccompanied children, all the more at risk and in need of greater care, attention and protection.”

We have taken great care of these children.

“Often coming without documents to strange lands whose language they do not speak, migrants find it difficult to be accepted and to find work. In addition to the uncertainties of their flight, they have to face the drama of rejection. A change of attitude is needed on our part, moving from indifference and fear to genuine acceptance of others.”

It is illegal to hire people who come here illegally. They take jobs from Americans, especially America’s poor.

Pope Francis is a global leader but the United States is a sovereign nation and he is asking the United States to give up sovereignty and open our borders [though they already are under Barack Obama].

He wants it done through legislation.

“]This of course calls for’“enacting adequate legislation to protect the rights of… citizens and to ensure the acceptance of immigrants’ (ibid.). I thank all those who, even at the cost of their lives, are working to assist refugees and immigrants, and I urge states and international organizations to make every effort to resolve these grave humanitarian problems and to provide the immigrants’ countries of origin with forms of aid which can help promote their social and political development and settle their internal conflicts, which are the chief cause of this phenomenon. ‘We need to take action against the causes and not only the effects’ (ibid.). This will also enable immigrants to return at some point to their own country and to contribute to its growth and development.'”

At the same time he speaks of open borders and globalization, he calls for balance. He rejects the self-centered individualist but does not want to see cultures lost into a sea of globalization. What he doesn’t understand is that the open borders he is advocating threaten every western culture.

An excerpt:

“Then too, the family itself is not infrequently considered disposable, thanks to the spread of an individualistic and self-centred culture which severs human bonds and leads to a dramatic fall in birth rates, as well as legislation which benefits various forms of cohabitation rather than adequately supporting the family for the welfare of society as a whole.”

“Among the causes of these realities is a model of globalization which levels out differences and even discards cultures, cutting them off from those factors which shape each people’s identity and constitute a legacy essential to their sound social development…”

He is playing into the hands of the leftists in America who hope to transform the United States into a socialist nation via a mass influx of people who will vote for Democrats.

The Catholic Church is one of the religious organizations harboring illegal immigrants and hiding refugees at the behest of the government.

The United States cannot be responsible for the world as he would like. The causes of the unsettling of peoples are crime and drugs which are being brought into our society via drug cartels. As border patrol has told us, virtually every person coming here illegally acts as a mule to get here.

The United States is being blamed for using the drugs while the criminals are being exonerated – they’re just trying to make a living. These peoples are not refugees and many come for our overly-expansive welfare state. You can’t have a large welfare state and open borders at the same time.

In September, Francis emphasized his globalist views on immigration as he has done many times before. “We, the people of this continent, are not fearful of foreigners, because most of us were once foreigners. I say this to you as the son of immigrants, knowing that so many of you are also descended from immigrants.”

The Pope offered a video message on his monthly prayer Tuesday emphasizing the importance of interreligious dialogue with recognition of the beliefs different faiths have in common. This was done as part of a Jesuit global prayer network.

The global prayer included greater care for creation, more support for families in difficulty, just compensation for small farmers, greater respect for women and indigenous peoples, helping sports contribute to peace, encouraging journalists to respect truth and be more ethical, greater support for countries that take in refugees, and an end to the use of child soldiers.

Greater support for taking in refugees will only lead to more of what we saw in Germany and other countries New Year’s Eve. Most of the refugees are exploiters and opportunists. We need to establish safe zones in their lands and we need to eradicate ISIS. Pope Francis is a man of the spiritual world and he is a good man but when it comes to practical matters, he’s asea.

When he continually says, “Who am I to judge?”, he unnerves people who want limits unlike the many secular relativists currently ruling the world and trying to transform the United States.

One reason to not keep borders open can be found on this article.

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7 years ago

This man is the reason I had to leave the Catholic Church. The changes he and his gang are making within the Church are undermining it in a profound way that cannot be reversed. This Pope is trying to do to the world what he’s done to the Catholic Church, which is to destroy populations from within, he too is waging war on White Christian citizens of the world.