Pope Francis Launches a Campaign to Push for Increased Numbers of Refugees to US


The Pope and his bishops in the United States are very disappointed in the refugee limit President Trump has set. The Pope is pushing Catholics to accept the concept of endless immigration no matter who the immigrants are and what they believe.

“We are disturbed and deeply disappointed by the proposed presidential determination number of 45,000,” said Bishop Joe S. Vasquez of Austin, Texas. The bishop is chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Migration.

Pope Francis is disappointed as well and will launch a public relations immigration week for Catholics from October 7 – 13. It’s propaganda and he is prompting Catholics to push for more refugees, most of whom are Muslims. The Islamists are the ones who cause concern. Even if they are not terrorists, how many follow the political doctrine of sharia law?

I am a lifelong Catholic, went through Catholic education, and I don’t like this Pope’s political policies.  We don’t have to listen to him and only have to abide by doctrines of faith and morals, not his political ravings.

The US Conference of Catholic Bishops insists that Trump admit 75,000 refugees to the US beginning October 1.

This is very expensive for taxpayers, but it provides millions of tax dollars for the Christian charities who work with refugees. The Catholic charities are the largest of nine federal refugee contractors.

This past week, Pope Francis said he will kick off a two-year “Share the Journey” campaign to prompt Catholics to “encounter” migrants [including illegal aliens] and refugees. As part of the response to the Bishops’ disappointment, October 7 – 13 will be a National Week of Prayer and Action.

The new campaign is said to be focused on providing practical ways for Catholics to break down barriers of fear and build bridges with migrants and refugees.

Is it fear or realistic concerns?

Why is the Pope involved in US politics? He’s made quite a mess in Italy and should stop there.

How many Muslims are living in the Vatican? Let him put them up there.



  1. There is no Catholic Church, it is now a globalist progressive political operation. Institutions, including the NFL, are betraying principles at an alarming rate.

  2. People who parse all Church teachings and Pope Francis’ teachings that includes intelligent questions and mind-stretching deliberations reduce the Church to a political party. BTW He did not name the US exclusively. The world includes more populations than the USA.

  3. Here’e an idea POOP..You take in more refugees. I’m tired of my tax money going to support these people who should stay in their own country..We should be taking care of our Vets and homeless children first.

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