Pope Francis Reaches Out to the Devil


Pope Francis reached out to two very evil men who brutalized and suppressed their own people. He spoke mostly to the people of Cuba but not to the dissidents. He tried to touch the souls of devils and they took advantage of a good photo op. A Castro son is the official photographer.

Matt Drudge isn’t happy.

While the Pope was saying mass in Havana Sunday, two leading dissidents, Marta Beatriz Roque and Miriam Leiva, who had been invited by the Vatican to attend a vespers service led by the Pope in Havana’s historic baroque cathedral said they were detained by security, the Telegraph reported.

They were invited to another event by the Vatican where they would meet Pope Francis and security barred them from that as well.

The head of the Ladies in White opposition group said 22 of 24 members who were to attend the Mass by the Pope were kept from doing so.

The people with differing opinions from that of the oppressive regime are routinely arrested and brutalized. The Pope was silent but to speak could have put the religious who remain in Cuba in jeopardy.

Human Rights Watch said, “repressive tactics employed by the government include beatings, public acts of shaming, and the termination of employment.”

In its latest report on Cuba, the Human Rights group said that the Castro government “continues to repress dissent and discourage public criticism.”

The long-suffering Cubans live on $25 monthly.

It’s an Atheist nation with about 1% Catholic – they’re closet Catholics by necessity.

Most would like to see the Pope condemn the brutality but he didn’t. He spoke in vague tones about letting go of ideology. He told them not to be boxed in by ideologies.

“If you are different than me, why don’t we talk?” Francis asked the crowd. “Why do we always throw rocks at that which separates us?”

He tip toed when we needed loud, marching to tubas and drums beating the sounds of liberty. Better yet, he shouldn’t have gone.

The AP reported that Francis has emphasized themes of reconciliation and looking beyond prejudice and ideologies.

“Francis is looking for peace among peoples and countries,” said Yordani Monteagudo, a 24-year-old government worker who recorded Francis’ encounter with young people Sunday night and was still talking about it a day later. “In his message, he called on young people to not be afraid to dream. This makes you want to live, and build up this country.”

In the end, this has been great propaganda for the Castro brothers and probably won’t get the Pope the desired outcome of leading them back to God.

It will play into Obama’s hands and get him some support for ending the embargo.

Appeasement has never worked. We “normalized” relations with Cuba and got nothing, absolutely nothing for it. The Pope is hoping to sway the hardened communists who haven’t a semblance of sympathy for their long-suffering people but all he got was propaganda for the brothers and their comrades. Raul and Fidel are still working closely with Venezuela and Iran. They’re evil people, make no mistake.

This approach didn’t work in World War II either, not for the West and I would venture to say, not for Pope Pius XII.

Lots of luck trying to soften the hearts of these hardcore communists.

Matt Drudge – keep praying.