Pope Francis Wants All Those Ports Open to Illegal Foreigners


Pope Francis was recently in Marseilles promoting open borders, claiming everyone coming illegally is not invading. They are only seeking hospitality. He wants all the ports open to them. To him, Western Civilization is waste and consumerism while the invaders are deserving and poor.

“The Port of Marseilles has been an open door towards the ocean. Many left Marseille to find a better future abroad, and many people found their way into the continent carrying hope in their luggage.

“Marseilles is a great port. It is also a great door that must not be closed. Many Mediterranean ports have closed.

“There are two words that bring fear – emergency and invasion – but the people taking to the sea are not invading”. He says that they’re seeking hospitality.

Pope Francis wants the illegal immigration process that “involves three continents around the Mediterranean to be managed in a forward-thinking way.” He demands it be “managed in a responsible way, and must be managed in a way that looks at the reality of the situation.”

“The favorite ports for arrival are in Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Spain. All these ports are around the Mediterranean, and they’re all welcoming migrants today. The Marine Ostrom demands justice, with shores on the one hand full of consumerism and waste and on the other shore poverty.”

Pope Francis is a dangerous and committed leftist, and not realistic in any way.

Alex Jones says, “The Pope is a counterfeit servant of Satan!” I can’t say that, but he could be. However, he is a radical airhead. He doesn’t belong as the head of the Catholic Church with its 1.4 billion followers.

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