Pope Francis’s Newspaper Praises Karl Marx on His 200th Birthday


A Catholic Cardinal, a prince of the church and advisor to the Pope, praised Karl Marx. He has been doing so for some time. The Pope’s newspaper praised the Cardinal praising the father of communism. 

L’Osservatore Romano is the daily newspaper of the Vatican City State. The paper was founded in 1861 and it is the Pope’s paper. The newspaper published an article for Marx’s 200th birthday. It applauds German Cardinal Reinhard Marx for his praise of the founder of Communism, Karl Marx.

The article reads as per CNS News:

In the May 6 article, headlined Marx in controluce (Closer to Marx), Cardinal Reinhard Marx speaks proudly of Karl Marx, who wrote the Communist Manifesto, and whose teaching has been denounced by the Catholic Church and multiple Popes since the 19th century.

Nonetheless, as the respected Catholic blog “The Eponymous Flower” details and translates, “In yesterday’s Sunday edition of the Italian Osservatore Romano, an initiative of Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich and Freising, President of the German Bishops’ Conference and member of the C9 Cardinal Council, was benevolently published: the ‘canonization’ of Karl Marx.”

The L’Osservatore Romano article states: “We are all on the shoulders of Karl Marx. That does not mean that he is a church father.”

“This outrageous formulation reserved for former popes and church leaders means that Karl Marx is not a church father, but almost one,” reports The Eponymous Flower. “These astonishingly unrealistic words by the German cardinal [Reinhard Marx] were printed without comment and above all without contradiction by the pope’s daily newspaper. “

Karl Marx’s 200th birthday was on May 5, a birthday that Cardinal Marx applauded in an interview last week and said “we should commemorate.”

The Black Book of Communism, published by Harvard University Press, documents that at least 100 million people were killed by communism in the 20th century, including 30 million in the Soviet Union, 65 million in Red China, and about 2.5 million in Cambodia. Others were killed in North Korea, Vietnam, Cuba, and Eastern Europe.

In February, the ‘a simple fool’ blog reported on a Catholic bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo who claimed that China is the country that currently best implements Catholic social doctrine.

The author of the blog points out that Karl Marx hated God and religion.


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