Popular AJ+ Is Owned by Qatar & Mimics Left-Wing Hate Speech


Women of Qatar

AJ+ or Al Jazeera+ is very popular and sends out videos that go viral in the hands of today’s young liberals. They have 1 million followers on Twitter and a half-million on their Facebook video site.

Under the guise of progressivism, they send out anti-American messages. The outlet is wholly owned by Qatar and they are not our friends. They are radical ultraconservatives who follow Sharia law and have been caught funding terrorists like Hamas and Hezbollah.

The radicals around the world know that the far-left hates America, and they exploit that fact.

The Daily Caller brought it up in an article today because the propaganda is spreading, and it’s working. AJ+ is just as bad on Facebook and Twitter. It’s propaganda that would make Joseph Goebbels proud.

Keep those borders open, spread the lie that children are in cages.

Qatar doesn’t allow abortions, but they’re hot to encourage it here and divide Americans as much as possible.

An Islamofascist nation wants us to abandon our guns. Shocker!

The nation that outlaws and abuses gays, really, really cares:

Our political right is transphobic according to them. They don’t allow transgenders in Qatar.


Daily Caller writes:Labor unions say Qatar is an example of modern-day slavery, with 90% of the population as slaves. Meanwhile, Qatar’s propaganda arm highlights news stories critical of Western nations’ labor issues, inciting young liberals.

Qatar definitely doesn’t allow this.

It’s illegal for teachers to strike in New York and other states because it’s an essential service. Qatar doesn’t allow it.

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