Michael Avenatti Has Posted the Name of His Kavanaugh Accuser – Updated


Her name is Julie Swetnick and her attorney Michael Avenatti says she worked for the U.S. Mint, State Department and Justice Department. She is the latest woman — the third — to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misbehavior.

Ms. Swetnick claims Brett Kavanaugh was present when women were raped by “trains of men.” She claims he also set up girls to be raped by giving them drugs or getting them drunk.

Ms. Swetnick swore that she attended parties with both Brett Kavanaugh and Mark Judge in the summers of 1980 and 1981. According to the affidavit, Brett Kavanaugh was a mean drunk who was sexually aggressive and inappropriate with girls. He would press up against them and fondle them, she said.

According to her, he made crude sexual comments to demean the women.

Both men, she said, would not “take no for an answer”.

She swore to the following statement:

“I observed Brett Kavanaugh drink excessively at many of these parties and engage in abusive and physically aggressive behavior toward girls, including pressing girls against him without their consent,  grinding against girls, and attempting to remove or shift girls’ clothing to expose body parts. I likewise observed him be verbally abusive towards girls by making crude sexual comments to them that were designed to demean, humiliate and embarrass them. I often witnessed Brett Kavanaugh speak in a demeaning manner about girls in general as well as specific girls by name.  I also witnessed Brett Kavanaugh behave as a “mean drunk” on many occasions at these parties.”

She says there are other women who saw the same type of conduct.

“I have been told by other women that this conduct also occurred during the Summer months in Ocean City, Maryland on numerous occasions. I also witnessed such conduct on one occasion in Ocean City, Maryland during “Beach Week”.

The following screenshot is an update from the affidavit via The Daily Caller. Ms. Swetnick does indeed claim she was “gang raped.” In the affidavit, she says that Brett Kavanaugh did set up girls to be “gang-raped”.

Ms. Swetnick also condemned the judge’s claims of innocence during his recent interview on Fox News.

The timing is interesting since he found his calendar for 1982. Hopefully he has them for 1980 and 1981. Avenatti is demanding an immediate FBI probe.

The one thing that right now is hard to wrap one’s head around is, if she has a legitimate complaint, why did she hire the creepy porn lawyer with his history? Also, the timing is obviously planned for maximum political advantage. It makes it impossible to appoint anyone before the election.

Avenatti has also tweeted her sworn declaration to Mr. Davis, the Senate Judiciary representation, dated September 25, 2018.

Transcriptions were added after publication. We also edited the statement about the ‘trains of men’. She did indeed state he was involved and she was a victim.

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