Portland Police Will Erase Gang Databases as Unfair to Minorities


Portland, Oregon has become Ground Zero for political correctness. Violent leftists march in the streets there but media won’t take their pictures, and now gang members will be shielded by the police themselves.

Blue Lives Matter reports Portland police will erase all gang databases and therefore will also no longer collect names of gangsters. The reason is as shocking as the action itself — gang databases are ‘mean’ to gangs.

There is another curious fact about these criminals or criminals-to-be that is driving this decision — 81% are racial or ethnic minorities.

The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) announced on Friday afternoon, September 8, that it will stop documenting people as gang members, and will purge its gang member database in October, right after Danielle Outlaw is appointed as the new Police Chief.

Outlaw has been touted as an advocate for “21st-century policing” and has been called “progressive.”

Why is the DoJ still pushing this hard-left ideology of policing?

The benefits of these compiled lists are obvious: for investigative purposes and for alerting police they are with a known gang member. Even social workers used it to reach out to the gang members to get them out of gangs.

The PPB said that the practice is being discontinued after strong concerns were brought up by residents about the gang member label, which have “disproportionately affected minorities,” according to OregonLive.

The PPB announcement reads:

“The Gang Designation Policy …was developed to be an investigative tool to help police decrease escalating gun violence. 

As times have changed, the Police Bureau in partnership with community members have realized being labeled a ‘gang member’ can have a negative impact on the person who may be making attempts to overcome the life challenges they face. 

Today, new processes and technologies allow police to investigate crimes in a manner that our community supports and that will not have the unintended consequences of potentially harming those who may need services and help the most. 

The policy will be rescinded on October 15th,  

People from our community who engage in violent crime and those who do so on behalf of a criminal organization will continue to be a focus of enforcement efforts of the Police Bureau.”

OregonLive Reporter Carli Brosseau reviewed data and found that there was a total of 359 “criminal gang affiliates” listed in the database as of summer, 2016, and 81 percent were part of a racial or ethnic minority.

Gang designations were not a result of a conviction or arrest but rather membership.

Portland Police Captain Mike Krantz said gangs aren’t going away, just the lists. He seems unaware that ignorance harms policing.

This move might be intended in part to keep ICE from deporting the foreign gangsters since Portland is an illegal sanctuary city. The driving force behind this, however, are left-wing minorities funded by George Soros who say naming the gang members is unfair, though we must point out it is minorities committing most of the crimes.

As if the political correctness isn’t insane enough, they will further the irrationality of it by notifying the gang members that documentation of their gang affiliation is being purged,  according to the Portland Police Bureau website.

The group Black Male Achievement is one community group behind this. They are an Open Society Foundations franchise. Open Society is funded by George Soros. On their website, they write: Too many police departments, educators, journalists, and health care providers default to a criminal caricature of blackness.

The answer for them is to erase reality in order to uplift minorities. Apparently that is the case for Police Commissioner Ted Wheeler as well, who said “It was the right thing to do.” Logic has been replaced with sentiment and political correctness. Policy is now decided by emotions.

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