Organizers of Portland Pride Parade Ask Police to March Without Uniforms


Portland gay Pride parade 2016

Portland police have been asked to not wear their uniforms at the gay Pride parade this year. They can protect them with a security detail however.

Organizers of the annual Portland Pride Parade have asked members of the Portland Police Bureau and the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office to not march in the parade while wearing their uniforms.

Debra Porta, executive director of Pride Northwest Inc., said some LGB community members do not want to march with police officers in uniforms.

“There is a lot of symbolism that goes with that uniform,” Porta said, speaking by phone Friday morning.

There’s a history of bad relationships in Portland and nationally she said.

This is part of the leftist movement, not a true gay movement. Telling officers to not wear uniforms is a left-wing thing.

Gay members of the Portland police, PPB, are understandably hurt.

“To me, Pride Northwest is trying to put us back in the closest,” said Portland Police Capt. Bob Ball. “To take away the strides that we’ve made (as an organization) is hurtful.”

He said 1996 was the first time he marched in Portland’s Pride parade as an openly gay reserve officer.

“I went there and I was by myself and I was in uniform…and I was determined to do it,” He said. “(Then mayor) Vera Katz came over to me and said, ‘honey, you look scared to death’ and I said, ‘I am’ and she said ‘you know what’ and she grabbed my hand and she said ‘you march with me.’”

Being honest brings people together.

Many officers are going to participate in uniform.

On the other hand, gun control proponent Sheriff Mike Reese told the officers to capitulate and march without uniforms. Ugh!

Isn’t this a form of political correctness that divides people? It doesn’t bring people together.


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