Possible Child Sex Trafficking Encampment Found Underground in Tucson


U.S. veterans who search out encampments for homeless veterans in Tucson accidentally came upon what they say is a sex trafficking rape camp underground. The cave is so small it’s the right size only for children, they believe.

There was a crib for babies and clothing for children. The volunteers believe it’s evidence of children being sold as sex slaves. Also found was pornographic material, restraints, childrens’ Barbie dolls, and hair dye.

They say they found combs with blonde hair in them, boxes full of kids toys and condoms. The volunteers think there are graves as well.

The evidence is not being handed over to police however and the workers didn’t explain why to the local media.

This is absolutely horrific if true. We have one report from the media at the end of the story.

It’s possible the cartels are bringing this horror to our nation, but police say it’s only a homeless camp.

The encampment was found on the grounds of Cemex Construction Materials South, LLC. The company wants the workers to leave, but they won’t leave until the area is secured, they say. Cemex is threatening them with security.

It seems the police should have been there staking it out instead but that isn’t what happened. Police say there’s no evidence of anything but a homeless encampment.

The story is worth reporting even if the police report is the one that is accurate because it does bring attention to a very real horror facing our nation today and it’s not only cartels who engage in this horrific crime.

This is one volunteer describing the camp:


The report from local News 4:

Police and detectives have been over the site and say it’s nothing more than a homeless camp.



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