Possible Terror Attack in Muenster, Germany, Fatalities, About 30 Injured – ISIS?

There was a possible terror attack in Muenster in SW Germany this afternoon that left several people, possibly three plus the driver, dead and about 20 to 30 injured.

Isis is referring terrorists to an app called Telegraph and it is by invitation only. Isis opened up the channels to facilitate secure communication among Isis terrorists. Propagandists used these channels during and after an attack in France two weeks ago. That suggests the German attack is Isis-linked.

Isis likely believes it’s an Isis attack, according to Gillian Turner on Fox News at about 1:15 p.m. EST. She spoke with a reliable counterterrorism source here in the United States. However, Isis has not claimed credit and most of the chatter is just discussing the attack.

It is also important to note that the attacker shooting himself is a departure from the usual modus operandi.

This is a very early report and police urge people to NOT speculate.

The man driving the van is said to be a mentally ill German citizen with no links to terrorism.

The Attack

A van drove on to a sidewalk and into pedestrians. The male driver reportedly killed himself. He shot himself. It sounds like he came prepared.

There is a restaurant located in the vicinity of the Kiepenkerl statue and photographs posted on social media showed tables and chairs strewn at the scene.

The police do not know the motive yet or if it was a deliberate incident.

Germany has been on high terror alert for two years.

There are reports two other suspects might have fled the van. A suspicious object was found in the van.


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