Post-Debate Poll! Sleepy Joe fell 10 points, Kamala jumped nearly 9


Sleepy Joe Biden didn’t do very well in the first debate, especially when Kamala Harris attacked him with a fraudulent argument about 1970s busing. At one point in the debate, he said he “my time is up.” Okay, then Joe.

Biden  didn’t do horribly but as President Trump said, “we’re not talking Winston Churchill here.” According to The Hill, his poll numbers slipped by ten points after the debate.

To a normal person, Kamala Harris was rude and irrational, but the media likes her and touted her rising poll numbers in this one poll taken after the debate, going from 8% to 17%. They couldn’t wait to put down Joe.

According to a Morning Consult/FiveThirtyEight poll of likely Democratic voters released on Friday, 41.5 percent said before the debates they would vote for Biden tomorrow, but 31.5 percent said the same thing after Thursday night’s debate.

That is one quick poll and the media likes it because they want to knock out the old white guy.

The MSM says the apparent decline in support comes after Biden was widely seen as having faltered, after his sharp exchange with Kamala Harris.

The poll could be accurate or not. If you average the last three polls on Biden pre-debate, he averaged 31.5%, not 42% as he did in Morning Consult’s poll.

Polls can be very deceptive.


Kamala is on the way up, allegedly. Dishonesty and screaming pay off. Harris got a nearly 9 point bump, while other 2020 candidates had marginal increases or decreases.

If I had to guess right now, the media wants her or Warren or her and Warren. They don’t support Joe.

African-American support is critical for Joe and that is what Kamala was aiming to hurt and will continue to do so with a fallacious argument of racism. No one liked the busing experiment, especially not blacks.

Harris also used a dramatic tool to hurt Biden. It probably was a lie. During the debate, she used a story she mentioned once before that, thanks to busing, she was able to be part of only the second class to integrate in the Berkeley public school system. It made her what she is today apparently.

Harris went to school in Berkeley for only two years before moving at age 12 with her mother to Canada where she attended grade school and high school. She wasn’t around Berkeley long enough for it to have any impact if it happened to her at all.

Harris was not a victim. She is the daughter of two PhDs, one from India and one from Jamaica.

Whatever the case, she sounded like a lunatic and for that, she apparently gets a nearly 9-point bump in the polls.

Strange times we live in when lies and exaggerations told while bellowing win acclaim.

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