Power-Mad Hillary’s Most Despicable Lie


Hillary 4

Pat Smith has been treated despicably but do people realize how truly evil Hillary’s actions have been?

There is no question Hillary lied about what she said to the Benghazi victims’ families but it’s despicable because of that because of the riots Hillary and Obama set off to back up their lies which they continue to this day.

The only person who hasn’t corroborated the story is Ambassador Steven’s Hillary-supporting family, but there is more evidence than simply the word of Mr. Woods, Tyrone Woods Jr.’s father and Sean Smith’s mother Pat as well as Glenn Doherty’s sister.

That proof, absolute proof comes from the fact that she said the same thing minutes later to the world and the videographer was arrested and thrown in jail for a year on a petty charge.

Does anyone honestly believe this man is mistaken or lying?

This is what the liar said, knowing she was lying at the time according to emails that have since been exposed.

Remember how they took him out, made him do a perp walk, as if he were a terrorist? It was insane! Hillary and Obama didn’t care that they set off firestorms throughout the world.

They ran ads in Pakistan blaming the video, igniting revolts there. Starting fires helped back up the lies. They hate Americans in Pakistan and riots erupted over the ads blaming the film.


On Tuesday, Barack Obama called for Republicans to label Donald Trump “unfit” for the presidency.

It didn’t stop Barack Obama!

If Republicans do this it will make life very easy for the Democrats. What candidate could we possibly put in the running now who could win? Obama is using Trump’s mild criticism of the family of a slain Muslim soldier as an excuse to demean him and distract from Hillary’s egregious acts.

The media is 100% opposed to Trump and Republican RINOs and Conservatives are lashing out against him as well. All are ignoring the far more evil weaknesses of the money hungry and power mad Hillary Clinton. Obama is coming out with this after Hillary lied repeatedly through her teeth during an interview on Fox News Sunday.

This president is trying to swing the election and it’s what he will do after the election to make certain we continue on our path to Socialism.


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