Powerful Far-Left Think Tank Says Trump’s Winning Border War


Yahoo News referenced a new report from the influential and loony leftist think tank, The Center for American Progress (CAP), that finds the President is winning the war on the border by calling for the rule of law. To CAP, a Soros-funded leftist organization, the border battle is shaping up as a “false dichotomy of America as either a nation of [illegal] immigrants or a nation of laws.”

CAP thinks legal and illegal immigrants are one and the same.

Ironically, the report says it’smaking the party and its candidates appear soft on enforcement, and potentially weakening future attempts for humanitarian-focused immigration reform.”

They are soft, so soft that they want open borders with no enforcement. They won’t even let the administration deport criminals.

Tom Jawetz, vice president of immigration policy at the Center for American Progress supporters of humane immigration policy writes that, as a result, Democrats “have ceded powerful rhetorical ground to immigration restrictionists, who are happy to masquerade as the sole defenders of America as a nation of laws.”

What he is telling his comrades is don’t make it look as if they are calling for open borders as they make sure the borders are open because it’s a problem in the court of public opinion.

These far-left Democrats are the party of illegal aliens and they are not a party for any Americans.

This election will be open borders versus a sovereign nation, statism versus freedom and liberty, communism/socialism versus capitalism.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was out calling for open borders again, during a panel discussion. She is doing what the Democrat Party wants. This is the jibberish she spewed:

“I think, uh, migration to me is liberation…”

“It’s the ability to move and be.”

“It’s the freedom to be, really, is what we’re talking about…and I think that all people should be free to be here and in our communities.. because I think that when you start viewing human beings as intrinsically valuable you feel blessed that they have come to you with their presence and that’s I think the shift we need to come to as a country…”

Listen to this:

AOC’s lying is vicious and beyond the pale.

All they want is open borders. That’s how far left they’ve gone.

AOC wants a 9/11 commission to probe the President’s approach to immigration. She doesn’t want the President to set immigration policy but all he is doing is following the law already in place. As Rep. Crenshaw said, they only want the commission to attack the President.

He said Democrats won’t allow anything to go through to protect the borders.

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