Powerful GOP Ad Exposes the Underbelly of the Opposition


The latest GOP ad is powerful and brilliant. It shows the unhinged left for what they are. The clip stars ‘rock star’ Maxine Waters, Bill Maher, Madonna, Nancy Pelosi, Samantha Bee, Socialist Bernie Sanders, Antifa, and others.

This is what the Democrat Party has been reduced to — the lunatic fringe.

Democrats have embraced the hard left, hate, hypocrisy, and anarchy. They also hope to destroy law enforcement, especially ICE.

They also offer open borders, impeachment, abolishing the 2nd Amendment, and the end of Capitalism.

Elect them and we have socialism.


A 2016 study by the Victims of Communism project reveals some alarming US attitudes among the youth on Socialism and Communism.

While 80% of baby boomers and 91% of elderly Americans see Communism as a serious problem in years past, only 55% of millennials have any problem with it, while 45% said they would vote for a Socialist, 21% said they would vote for a Communist, and only 42% have a favorable view of Capitalism.

Older Americans – 64% – have a positive view of Capitalism.

The study also found millennials have an alarming lack of historical knowledge. Nearly one-third of those queried thought George W. Bush killed more people than Soviet dictator and mass murderer Joseph Stalin. They also couldn’t come close to estimating the number of deaths Stalin was responsible for.

Only 25% knew Communism led to the deaths of 100 million people.

This is how Communism takes root and we must start teaching the young what it means or we will face it again and we will face it very soon without an America to serve as a beacon of light as it has in the past. We are hearing the same distorted intellectual prater that was spewed before the onslaught of Communism. We are seeing the same frightening attitude that we must be “nonjudgmental” about Communism and Socialism.

America has kept it at bay

Our free enterprise system and our belief in our constitution and in our own exceptionalism have kept socialism at bay. This is why they are all under brutal attack from the left.

As we allow unassimilated immigrants to outpace citizens and those who are assimilated, the left has fertile ground to sow their statist dreams.

Redistribution to date has not been unadulterated socialism. It’s been limited to taxes and regulations.

No longer, the left is out in the open and they stand for an irreversible loss of freedom.

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5 years ago

It’s about time. This is a very well designed Ad, and thus very effective.

With all the extensive hostility towards members of the Administration, and other officials, maybe a great realization will come to those people on how extensive the attacks have been perpetrated on Trump supporters. Even after the targeted shooting of Republicans at a ball game it didn’t seem to motivate the Republicans into standing with supporters of Trump. Of course some of the NeverTrumpers would still blame Trump.