Powerful Voice Demands Gun Control After Career Criminal Kills a Cop



Gov. Andrew Cuomo insisted the fatal shooting of a New York City police officer is another example of the growing crisis of gun violence.

Cuomo told reporters Wednesday that the slayings of police officers “has to stop.” He is referring to his incessant demand that gun control be even tighter than his SAFE Act and that it take place across the nation. He recently called for tough national gun control.

The  comments came a day after New York Police Department Officer Randolph Holder was fatally shot during a gunfight.

One of the reasons legal gun owners NEED guns is because of people like this. Cuomo wants to take guns away from lawful gun owners when it was a gangbanging hardened criminal who killed the officer.

Cuomo said nothing about a system and a judge that would allow this monster out of prison. He said nothing about gangs! He’s blaming legal gun owners who have nothing to do with this.

How dare he!



  1. Andrew Cuomo is a Communist gas bag. The same type of gang banging thugs who killed police three decades ago before tyrannical gun regulations were put into play are the same ilk of gang banging thugs killing police and people in their community today.

    The only thing lower than these gang banging thugs is Cuomo pushing gun control on the bodies of dead cops.

  2. Dear Governor Cuomo,

    Sir you are so far from the mark regarding gun control that if I were you I would bury my head into my computer screen and actually read what is happening in areas with extremely strict gun control measures.

    Chicago, IL for example – 2,468 shootings to date in 2015; in a city with extremely strict gun control laws.
    Washington, DC – 128 homicides to date this year; extremely strict gun control laws
    Baltimore, MD – 146 shooting incidents, 41 fatalities; strict gun control laws

    What you fail to understand is that approximately 99.9% of legally owned guns are not used to commit crimes; that the criminals who do use firearms to commit crimes are more then likely not legally allowed to own guns (because of criminal records) and have either borrowed or rented (yes you can rent a gun from a criminal to commit a crime) or a stolen, or illegally obtained firearm. In other words almost all the people committing gun crimes are criminals and shouldn’t have guns in the first place. It is not the legal gun owner’s fault that the criminals choose to violate the laws…

    Please quit trying to destroy my Constitutional rights.

    • Why is everyone scared of gun control of people doing the killings? You have buyers and seller able to obtain firearms at gun show without a background check, and get rid of the 3 day wait make it at least 6 days. The ATF should perform audits of gun dealers who are selling large number of weapons to the same person, if guilty take their licenses and give a them a heavy fine. Any Felons or persons caught with a firearm or a stolen firearms, get Minimum of FIVE years in jail at hard labor. Any person that commit a crime with a firearm get a Minimum of 10 years and 20 years if a death occurs. Efforts should be made to take the persons that commit unlawful acts with a firearms off the streets. These are the people that should be in the prisons, not some drug users, or a traffic violators. Why waste law enforcement time with petty drug users and other non-violent crimes. If the Private prisons need people fill their cell with thugs and gangbangers that are using firearms, and those convicted of sexual crimes.

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