Powerless Police Mocked over Suicides as Antifa Rules Portland


It’s hard to get the truth about the right-wingers at the Portland rally Saturday because the media lies about anyone on the right and tries to paint everyone to the right of CNN as an extremist and a white supremacist. They treat Antifa kindly.

One thing is clear the mayor is supposed to protect the people and stop trouble in its tracks, not brace for it.

Portland is lawless, run by anarchist communists as Antifa defines themselves, and it’s not the only city like this.

Mayor Wheeler thinks he did a great job minimizing the violence by inaction.


Portland Police kept separating the right and left-wing groups but retreated for Antifa.

Police officers were supposed to render aid quickly but that didn’t seem to happen. Officers were present but stayed by their cars when a man was knocked unconscious.

Antifa is spreading the rumor that this was a biking accident and it clearly wasn’t. Then they noted the tape around his wrists and called him a snowflake on Twitter.


Antifa mocked police.

“Last year, more cops died by suicide than in the line of duty!” one activist yelled. “It’s because you all know your job is morally inept and ethically bankrupt. You know you’re a parasite, so shoot yourselves! Suicide is the only way out!”

Meanwhile, the other Antifa member mocked the officers over their allegedly low IQ.

“You’re perpetuating a system of white supremacy as a white or as a non-white. … Now, don’t be upset that they won’t hire smart people. Don’t be upset. It’s the process of the system of white supremacists to use the low IQ to fight their ways,” he said.

At around noon, the rally leaders were told by the police liaison officer that leftist counter-protest groups surrounded the rally and were approaching. Why didn’t the police stop them???

The rally leaders ended the rally at that point and made their move to leave.

Antifa threw projectiles at the buses. When the right-wing left, Antifa continued to march in the streets, moving downtown, continuing skirmishes.

Ignoring police commands to stay on the sidewalks, the counter-protester crowds moved throughout the downtown, engaging in confrontations with individuals who were somehow perceived to be against the leftist cause.

In many cases, the police would simply leave.


Antifa chased the right-wingers.

Antifa and friends say the man on the bus had the hammer. He was using it in self-defense. Andy Ngo said it was grabbed by Antifa and used to hurt others.


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