PP President Will Sell Aborted Baby Body Parts Using a Less “Crunchy” Method


Planned Parenthood (PP) is most certainly selling aborted baby body parts. Last week, a video was released by the investigative team of The Center for Medical Progress revealing exactly that. In the video, a callous PP Director, Dr. Deborah Nucatola, talked about selling baby parts after they kill the baby in a way that makes the parts more useful. We now have another doctor saying the same thing.

The Center for Medical Progress, an organization of Pro-Life doctors, released a new video this week which exposes the callous and illegal selling of aborted baby body parts by Planned Parenthood, long believed to be profiting from abortions while pretending they only care about women’s health.

The Center has more videos and they are going to leak them out slowly. What is very noteworthy is the fact that the Planned Parenthood harvesters of body parts appearing in these videos are important leaders of Planned Parenthood.

This new video highlights a conversation with a high-level official who refers to other PP centers selling baby parts.

This is a federal crime. Last week, PP denied they did anything wrong and apologized only for the “tone” of the doctor in the video.

This week, we have Dr. Mary Gatter, President of Planned Parenthood’s Medical Director’s Council, being asked, “What would you expect for intact tissue?”

Dr. Mary Gatter replies, “Why don’t you start by telling me what you’re used to paying.”

After some discussion, Dr. Gatter says, “Why don’t you tell me what you’re really willing to pay…I don’t want to lowball it.”

After haggling for a few minutes, Dr. Gatter claims she doesn’t care about the money. They came to a price of $100. Later Gatter says she has to check with other centers to see what they’re getting. She didn’t say I want to see what I need to cover costs. She wants it be be worth her while, she explained.

Then in a light moment, PP’s Mengele said, “I want a Lamborghini.”

We will see if we can use a “less crunchy” technique to get more specimens, Dr. Gatter offered. “If this is still low [price], we can bump it up, I want a Lamborghini.”

She also appears fine with conducting a procedure that is different from the one PP promises patients who volunteer to donate body parts of their soon-to-be-dead baby.

Congress is investigating but no word from Barack Obama and there won’t be.

The sale or purchase of human fetal tissue is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison or a fine of up to $500,000 (42 U.S.C. 289g-2).

This is who Americans are now it seems. The mainstream media is ignoring the story.

The following are some of the fun screenshots from this hard-hearted woman. This is our Brave New World.



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