Pravda Should Attend State Department Press Conferences


John Kirby_2

State Department SPOX John Kirby wastes a lot of oxygen to say nothing. At Thursday’s presser he said doesn’t know why Russia is bringing aircraft into Syria to fight ISIS and he told a reporter that his question about what Russia is up to should be put to the Russian Federation.

To get any answers, I guess we’ll have to invite Pravda to these pressers. Putin, as it turns out, was very clear as to why he’s sending military to Syria on the same day Kirby made his statements.

Reporter James Rosen asked Kirby, “Is the constellation of assets that we have observed the Russian Federation moving into place in Syria consistent with a Russian mission to combat ISIS?”

First, Kirby told him to ask the Russian Federation. Then he stated the obvious,”So I think we continue to have legitimate concerns and questions about Russia’s overall intent here.” He added that it’s more than would be expected to attack ISIS.

Rosen asked what he had in mind.

Kirby responded, “Well, last time I looked ISIL is not flying any aircraft. So the fact that you have fighter aircraft, air-to-air capabilities, brings up a legitimate question. Because they don’t have aircraft, the need to have surface-to-air missile capability is a little bit quizzical. So I mean, there’s – I think there are legitimate questions that we continue to have about the kinds of capabilities we see flowing in there. And we’re going to – as I’m sure won’t surprise you, Secretary Kerry will continue to have the conversations he needs to have on the diplomatic side to try to get better clarity and better understanding.”

ISIL is not flying any aircraft?That’s the response? Isn’t that the basis for our entire war against ISIS? We are only fighting them from the air.

The air-to-air and surface-to-air are a show of force to let the U.S. know that we are neutralized if Obama tries to bomb Syria.

Putin clearly said he’s going to prop up Assad, not just fight ISIL. He cleverly brought up the fact that to not shore up Assad could lead to the problems we have in Libya and Iraq.

As Rick Grennell, former SPOX for the UN, said Friday, Hillary’s hands are all over this feckless policy.

These leaders of ours don’t even lead from behind.

Hillary’s reset obviously didn’t work but we should have known that.


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