Prejudiced ABC Analyst Trashes Christians, Compares Them to Radical Terrorists


Matthew Dowd is the chief political analyst for ABC News and his entire Twitter feed is anti-Trump, anti-Trump supporters, and anti-Christian. He took the words of Evangelist preacher Rev. Jeffers this week and stereotyped every religious Christian, particularly Evangelicals, fundamentalists.

He tweeted that fundamentalist ‘radical’ Christians are just as dangerous as fundamentalist Muslims. What he has not considered it that no so-called ‘radical’ Christian has thrown gays off buildings, enslaved women, or beheaded children or made them into killer jihadists.

While ignoring the viciousness of the left, he tweeted that fundamentalist radical Christians are just as bad as radical Islamists. His example is Rev. Jeffers who said Trump does have the right to bomb North Korea, to wipe out evil.

North Korea is a dangerous threat and they have the weaponry to take out U.S. cities and territories. It’s unlikely we will engage in a pre-emptive strike though it’s not ruled out because the President is saber-rattling in the hopes of speaking in a language Kim Jong Un understands. Democrats don’t understand it.

Taking out North Korea’s nukes is very much in play. One can disagree or agree on whether this is the right thing to do, but stereotyping people who live peacefully and abhor violence and then comparing them to hundreds of millions of people who want to enslave women and behead infidels is hardly fair.

This may come as a surprise to Dowd but not all Evangelicals believe exactly the same things, nor do Catholics or Orthodox Jews.

The Religion of Peace website keeps track of the slaughter by Muslims, and last week alone, 226 people were killed in 43 Islamic Jihad attacks in 16 countries. There were no murders of innocents in the name of Jesus that we could find.

Drawing unfair moral equivalence is popular among Democrats. The media should be above illogical statements and prejudice but they are not. They are angry and hateful.

There are hateful hypocrites in all religions and among atheists but stereotyping is hateful bigotry. Dowd says he is a Christian but he is far-left first. He’s re-tweeting people like communist Robert Reich and reciting scripture in his usual sanctimonious way.

His reawakening as a far-left guy came with his hiring by abc. He’s been in that echo chamber since 2007.

How is anyone supposed to trust the media when hacks like Matthew Dowd?


Next up is what he tweeted in May after Shannon Breem tweeted about the growing persecution of Christians around the world. Christians are the most persecuted of all religions, Jews are next. Dowd defended against this by drawing moral equivalence and saying that “Muslims are threatened every day in America, by right wing Christian extremists.”

A recent study found that 90,000 Christians died for their faith in 2016, making them the most persecuted religion in the world. Almost a third of those Christian martyrs were killed by Islamic extremists.

The study, carried out by the Center for Studies on New Religions, also found that up to 600 million Christians around the world were prevented from practicing their faith last year.

In the US, Jews are by far the biggest target of anti-religious hate crimes, FBI data shows.

These are his tweets from May.

He is certainly into the fake persecution of Muslims in the U.S. It is being drummed up with fake stats as we have shown time and again. The media dividing non-Muslims and Muslims is part of the leftist ideology to divide and conquer. They are ginning up hate that was not there.

The persecution of Muslims by Christians is not the threat. It’s often in defense or retaliation but you won’t convince Dowd. If you talk about Christian genocide, he will always turn it against Christians as his Twitter feed proves.

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