Presenting: “Run For The Hills Bellone”


Debate, Debate…….What Debate?
What does it say about  your character, if you are scheduled for not one, but two debates and your only response is……

Should I stay or should I go?

Well this is the scenario that was presented to the residents of Suffolk County on the evening of October 17,2011 as they gathered in the Coram Fire House to see a debate between two opponents for Suffolk County Executive.

The debate was scheduled between Mr. Steve Bellone  and Angie Carpenter. Problem is, how do you debate an empty chair?
Could it be that when faced with a questions on how to run Suffolk County the best answer is…. no answer?

More importantly, is this any way to treat the taxpayers, residents and hard working individuals before an election? Mr. Bellone, is this Trick or Treat?

How would you treat those same residents after an election?

When you pay good money to see a prize fight and the boxer has a problem getting in the ring…..well, I don’t think there’s
going to be  much money riding on that fighter. Broken promises, broken promises, broken promises I believe as far a politics go we’ve all had enough of the broken promises.

Whats  interesting?  This is the same scenario that took place earlier in the evening out in Hampton Bays. Do we sense a pattern here?

Well moving  right along, the people were presented with a valid, enlightening candidate, Angie Carpenter.

For starters Ms Carpenter showed up ready to go. She stood and answered not some of the questions but all of the questions asked.Ms Carpenter talked of the potentials of Suffolk County, ways in which to increase revenue through tourism and promotion, how to increase revenue by instilling ideologies to keep businesses here, and not by allowing them to leave, ways to increase police presence to provide better safety in the communities, working together with residents to inject police in the proper problem areas.

When asked about the Foley Nursing home she spoke of ways to not only keep it open but how to make it profitable. Exploring all avenues, a private public scenario or even possibly changing the type of services provided.
Ms Carpenter was also against the sale of county lands as she viewed that as one shot deals eliminating the chance of future income producing products.

Ms Carpenter spoke of how she would end the practice of medicaid without residency. Citing how other states have a time of residency requirement before filling applications.

As for Mr Bellone’s response to the questions………the silence is deafening . Not showing for the debate is far more an insult to the voters than to Ms Carpenter.

The resentment showed well when one of the residents stood up and told Ms Carpenter that as far as he was concerned she could count on him and the fellow 2000 residents in his community for their votes.

Mr Bellone. Mr. Bellone. Where are you?





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