President Addresses an Oblivious Justice Roberts on ‘Obama Judges’


Civil rights groups sued President Trump over his asylum rule and it wasn’t unexpected. The left has promised to tie up Trump’s agenda with lawsuits on everything. They also go judge shopping.

On Monday U.S. District Judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco issued a temporary restraining order saying Congress has clearly allowed immigrants to apply for asylum regardless of how they entered the country.

The Justice Department on Tuesday said it was “absurd” that Tigar allowed civil rights groups to have the ability “to stop the entire federal government from acting so that illegal aliens can receive a government benefit to which they are not entitled.”

President Trump weighed in, complaining about the “Obama judge”.

Justice John Roberts was asked about the President’s comments by the Associated Press on Wednesday.

Justice Roberts lost a lot of credibility when he made his illogical decision about Obamacare and he’s losing more with the statement he made.

“We do not have Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges,” Roberts told the Associated Press. “What we have is an extraordinary group of dedicated judges doing their level best to do equal right to those appearing before them. That independent judiciary is something we should all be thankful for.”

That’s ridiculous. Of course people go judge shopping because of partisan judges. And no one would mistake the Ninth Circuit for a court that follows the rule of law. If it did, the Supreme Court wouldn’t have to overturn so many of their decisions.

The president responded directly to the comments in a pair of tweets Wednesday afternoon. “Sorry Chief Justice John Roberts, but you do indeed have ‘Obama judges,’ and they have a much different point of view than the people who are charged with the safety of our country,” Trump said.

It would be great if the 9th Circuit was indeed an “independent judiciary,” but if it is why are so many opposing view (on Border and Safety) cases filed there, and why are a vast number of those cases overturned. Please study the numbers, they are shocking. We need protection and security – these rulings are making our country unsafe! Very dangerous and unwise!

It’s a good point.

We have a judge in the 9th Circuit who said children can’t be detained for more than 20 days. Another who said families can’t be separated. Still another said families with children can’t be detained more than 20 days. Lastly, a judge in the 9th Circuit, Judge Tigar said every single one of the fake asylum seekers making their way for the border is entitled to a hearing.

Tigar’s decision was made despite knowing the mob includes criminals and knowing there aren’t judges to handle their cases. Everyone also knows that the women are being raped and children are being kidnapped and/or dying along the way. There is no question more than 80 percent of these people will never show up for hearings. They will hide out in the interior until the next amnesty.

He has to know Section 1182 gives the President the authority to keep threats to our national security out of the country. These people most definitely are a threat.

And where is Congress? Republicans are no bargain. They could end this with a law to close the loopholes. The President is trying to protect our sovereignty, but who else is?

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