President Announces Border Solution, Bats Back MSM


The President announced today that he will sign the spending bill which includes controversial limitations and restrictions on immigration and border protection. At the same time, he will declare a National Emergency on the border.

“Today I’m announcing several critical actions my administration is taking to confront a problem here at home – we can fight wars thousands of miles away, but we’re not taking care of our own border,” President Trump began.

“We’re going to confront the national security crisis on our southern border, one way or another,” he vowed.“I’m going to be signing a national emergency,” Trump said, after discussing the migrant caravans, gangs, drugs and human traffickers that are pouring into the United States. He recognized several “angel families” in attendance, and said, unfortunately, there are new angel families he’s never met before.

The Democrat Socialist Party has nothing to complain about. They got the bill they wanted and compromised nothing.


The media asked questions to set the stage for the upcoming lawsuits by open borders Democrats. The minions will sue the President over his right to issue a national emergency declaration. The President dispatched their gotcha questions quickly, but expect to see a lot more of this. Democrats – Socialists – and their media will attack non-stop over this declaration. No one should doubt at this point that the left, including the left-wing media, want open borders.

Leftist Chris Wallace on Fox News argued for the Democrats’ view after the President’s speech and suggested the President does not have the authority to declare a national emergency, but he’s the buffoon who said Alexandria O-Cortez’s Green New Deal is a “great idea.”

The fact is the money is available and Congress has given the President discretion to declare emergencies. Border Patrol and ICE has said it’s a crisis and the proof is readily available as foreigners pour in illegally.

The reporters threw up the phony statistics about how all these anonymous people from some of the most dangerous countries in the world are far less likely to commit crimes than citizens. There is no way to measure that and there are studies that point to it not being accurate. The fact is that none of these crimes should have occurred.



The Hill reported that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce blasted President Trump on Friday ahead of his announcement of a national emergency on the border, saying the move would “erode” the country’s system of government.

“We have long fought against attempts by the executive branch to usurp the powers of Congress and to create law, such as we have seen in recent decades with the rise of the regulatory administrative state,” Chamber President Thomas Donohue wrote in a statement. “We have also fought against attempts by the Congress to usurp the power of the executive.

That’s rich. They have done everything in their power to see to it that illegals enter the country, depressing wages of American workers. They do it out of greed. They didn’t care when Obama overreached and was found to have done so at least nine times at the Supreme Court level

What is Trump supposed to do? Become a punching bag for the hard-left? Do any of these people care that Democrats are now actually Socialists and their only goal is to destroy the Republican Party?

The President has found $8 billion. He will have 1.375 billion from the open borders spending bill, 600 million from the Treasury forfeiture fund, 2.5 billion from the Department of Defense, and 3.5 billion from the military construction budget.


The President had Angel moms sit in the front with pictures of their deceased loved ones that the caring party cares nothing about.

You can watch the entire speech on this livestream, click the beginning.

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