President Calls Out the Democrat-Media Coup at Mississippi Rally


President Trump addressed what he says is a partnership of the Democrat Party and the media to overturn the 2016 election and influence the next. He said the effort began ninety minutes after he took office. That is true.

About “do-nothing” congressional Democrats, the President said they’ve “gone completely insane” and have become obsessed with both transforming America into a country “you would not recognize,” and rolling back the results of the 2016 presidential election.

“America is winning again, and America is all over the world respected again. It’s about time!” he said. “But while we’re creating jobs and killing terrorists, the Democrat Party has gone completely insane. The radical left is determined to transform America into a country you would not recognize. …”

They have been “plotting to overthrow the election since the moment I won,” he said. He noted that the first was the debunked Russia collusion hoax and now with debunked claims that he tried to use a quid pro quo offer to force a foreign leader to investigate one of his 2020 election rivals.

He called the vote for impeachment (inquiry) yesterday an attack on “democracy itself.”


“Ninety minutes after I took the oath of office, the horrible newspaper — the fake, fake, fake Washington Post — declared the campaign to impeach President Trump has just begun. At least they gave us 90 minutes,”  the President said in Mississippi last night.

“[T]hey’re the most dishonorable people almost on Earth,” he added later, going on to cite example after example of ostensibly non-biased outlets like The Washington Post and The New York Times “reporting” the news in extremely biased ways.

“The Washington Post, The New York Times — I keep trying to figure out who’s worse, and you know one day it’s the Times, one day it’s the Post,”  he said. “It’s like they’re trying to top each other. It’s so phony. In my opinion, it’s virtually corrupt. You never have a good story.”

“I mean even with when we got al-Baghdadi, The Washington Post had a story that he was like a great religious cleric. Where did that come from? The other thing, if Obama would have done it … if I were a Democrat, they’d be talking about that story for weeks. With me, they actually played it down.”

The Washington Post also pushed back on Trump’s assertion that al-Baghdadi died like a coward. They have no information that what the President said was incorrect — none.

Senator Grassley addressed that yesterday in the Senate:


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