President Freezes Federal Workers’ Pay, Libs Go Wild


President Trump personally ordered the Coast Guard to receive their pay during the shutdown, but civilian [union] federal workers won’t. The military won’t be affected at all. Parks and monuments will remain open. Social Security, unemployment, and food stamps will be paid out. All of this is the opposite of what Barack Obama did during his shutdown. He hurt senior citizens, the handicapped, and the military.

No one wants to see people out of work, but it’s important to remember they will get their salaries retroactively. Not too many people will notice or care that the EPA is out of money or the IRS will have to shut down.

What the President is doing is no different from what Obama did except Obama made a point of hurting the most vulnerable.

The reactions from the left are over-the-top. They don’t like it when they are on the receiving end. For decades, liberals/leftists have been used to dishing it out to cowering Republicans.

Anti-Man Hirono

Anti-man Rep. Mazie Hirono tweeted: “More than 2,500 federal workers in Hawaii are either furloughed or working without pay during the . As long as Donald Trump refuses to re-open the government, I will be donating my salary to Hawaii’s food banks – who serve nearly 1 in 8 Hawaii residents in need.”

That’s great! Why would anyone want her to get paid? The money is better used helping the homeless she helped create.

Kamala Harris who tried to persecute Justice Kavanaugh

Kamala Harris tweeted: Federal workers and government contractors are the ones bearing the brunt of Trump’s demands. They should not be used as a bargaining chip by this Administration to build a useless and costly wall.

She didn’t mind when Obama refused to pay troops, hand out social security checks, and closed down monuments like the World War II and Iwo Jima memorials. Aging and dying veterans who served in the wars were taken by charities to visit the memorials, but Obama ordered these open air monuments gated off so they couldn’t get near them. There were more guards on duty than usual and they could have been used to let the aged visit the memorials.

One day, several thousand vets went to D.C. to take down the gates.

Crazy reporter

Scott Dworkin who didn’t give a hoot about the elderly, military, or monuments, cares when the left’s own tactics are used against them.

The crazy hack thinks the President is a traitor, and tweeted: “BREAKING: Trump signed a pay freeze for federal workers for all of 2019 last night. This on top of the #TrumpShutdown. What a heartless, no good thief. What kind of coward does this right after Christmas, in the dark of night? Donald does. What a traitor. This is plain wrong.”

What is really “wrong” is the fact that our borders are open and the Democrats won’t lift a finger to stop it.

Socialist Warren

Elizabeth Warren didn’t care when Obama played games with peoples’ lives, but she cares when government workers who aren’t needed are furloughed.

Her tweet:

“Our government is supposed to work for working families. Instead: 🛑25% of the federal government shut down. 🛑380,000 workers sent home. 🛑420,000 federal employees working without pay. Stop playing politics with people’s lives, . End the shutdown.”

Socialist Warner

Mark Warner lied and said they won’t have holiday pay. The workers did get their holiday pay. His tweet: “Getting tired of this notion of “winning” the shutdown. No one wins a shutdown. Federal workers furloughed or working without pay over the holidays lose. Taxpayers lose.”

Kavanaugh persecutor

Liberal lawyer Michael Bromwich tweeted: “NYAG should direct that the remaining $ 1.7 M remaining in the Trump Foundation be dispersed to charities established to assist federal workers with bills they can’t pay because of Trump Shutdown. Administrative costs to be assessed against TF.”

Bromwich had no problem with military and elderly not getting pay during Obama’s shutdown.

He’s the lawyer who helped Christine Blasey attack Justice Kavanaugh with unsubstantiated attacks.

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4 years ago

Obama planned his Shutdown with the media. Easily proven by the signs posted on the Mall at cordoned off areas.
It takes months to get purchase orders, then order, design, manufacture and deliver and distribute such signs. Note; Mt. Rushmore, et al.

Brian Bowes
Brian Bowes
4 years ago

If GOV workers actually worked a full 8 hour day we could cut the GOV work force in half, They spend half of the day Bull Shi**ing around the water cooler or the break room.

Sambo the Great
Sambo the Great
4 years ago

Just ax their agencies and lay them all off, the worthless SOBs. Lets see them try to make it as regular private sector employees. See how they feel about their “let them eat cake,” mentality towards us citizens when they lose their special class status.

4 years ago

This alone shows how very connected and aware the President and his people really are…

“Parks and monuments will remain open” We all watched waitresses and guides..hotel/motel workers all losing their paychecks.. unable to pay mortgages or rent..unable to buy gas and groceries..because the last shut down closed the parks and other tourist destinations.

Bravo.. another “Win Biggly” for the current Administration.

El Toro
El Toro
4 years ago

My turn… As long as Crazie Mazie Hirono is performing hari-kari with her pay and feeding the needy of Hawai’i then keep the government as it is… Not wasteful!