President Issues an Executive Order with a New Approach to Citizenship


President Trump has a new plan to gather information about the citizenship status of people living in the United States, both legal and illegal. He made the announcement in the Rose Garden this afternoon.

The census is already printing and it’s expensive. Also, if he tries to add the citizenship question, it will be stopped in the courts. There simply isn’t enough time to add the citizenship question to the census.

Working with Attorney General Barr, the President has come up with a different plan to find out how many non-citizens we have living in the United States.

Trump said that he has directed several agencies to begin using their databases to compile relevant data.

“I am hereby ordering every department and agency in the federal government to provide the Department of Commerce with all requested records regarding the number of citizens and noncitizens in our country,” Trump said “They must furnish all legally accessible records in their possession immediately. We will utilize these vast federal databases to gain a full, complete, and accurate count of the noncitizen population.”

It will be a more complete picture of non-citizens that we have had in decades, the Attorney General said.

This new approach will give a more accurate count of who is here. Attorney General Bill Barr said the count will possibly be used to determine voting districts.

CBS News says it’s just a public relations ploy. One reason they say that is there is no direct interview of individuals. Maybe they’re right, but maybe not. The President and the Attorney General do get things done.

Democrats and some Republicans don’t want Americans to know how many non-citizens are in the country. They’re almost traitors.

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