President Meets with His ‘Suffragettes’, ‘Fry ’em Like Bacon’ People to Build Trust with Police


Barack Obama, the man who never once met with his Defense Intelligence Chief, met with a slew of hard-left radicals and law enforcement at the White House Wednesday.

Why not organize a meeting with the normal people who live in these communities? Just asking?

Members of the Democrat front group, Black Lives Matter, who Obama refers to as abolitionists and suffragettes, were among the attendees at the 4 hour White House meeting today to discuss building community and police trust. Race hustler Al Sharpton was among the attendees.

DeRay Mckesson arrest
DeRay Mckesson arrest

Fresh out of jail, after he live streamed his planned arrest, DeRay Mckesson attended. According to The American Mirror, this key leader of this astroturf movement, lives in the home of an Open Society Institute board member. The Open Society is funded by George Soros and run by John Podesta. Podesta is Hillary’s campaign manager and Soros is her biggest fundraiser. One of the largest funders of Black Lives Matter is the Democracy Alliance, funded by George Soros and a Taco heir.

One of the more interesting attendees is Mica Grimm who led the famous march/chant, “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon’. Grimm actually wants to eliminate police. If that takes place, I’m sure they will trust police.

I’m also sure he had a lot to contribute on building trust!

Mark Knoller wrote, “This is a really hard job,” said @POTUS of police/community trust. “We’re not there yet, we’re not even close to being there yet.”

Yes, especially when you invite lunatics to the meeting.

Crowder decided to debunk it today.

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Frank S.
Frank S.
6 years ago

Al Sharpton at his peace making, conciliatory, healing best. Can you imagine a white guy spewing this crap EVER being invited to the White House by ANY president?