President Michael Bloomberg? Bringing You the Draconian Nanny State You All Love



Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering running for president as an independent, according to a Saturday report.

The billionaire is frustrated by businessman Donald Trump’s strong support among Republicans as well as Hillary Clinton’s poor polling.

The New York Times reported Saturday morning that former New York City Mayor and Nanny Michael Bloomberg might run for president as an independent. Unfortunately, there’s no Fascist party for him to run on.

He’s not happy about New Yorker Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton’s poor polling against the communist Bernie. He wants to be sure Trump doesn’t win New York.

You can’t make this stuff up.

He will decide by early March, the latest he can throw in his hat, according to the Times and will fund it with $1 billion of his own money.

He has a consultant who will help him get his name on the ballot in all fifty states.

He’s going to poll New Hampshire voters again to see if “there’s an opening for him.” Bloomberg hates guns and New Hampshire is the Live Free or Die state though they’ve had a large influx of leftists from Massachusetts and Vermont who are changing the character of the state.

Bloomberg is famous for trying to eliminate or control: cigarettes, alcohol on holidays (especially Halloween), cell phones, calorie counts, tanning, traffic, carbon,composting trans fats, exercise, contraceptives, gas, immunizations, noise, soda, salt, sugar, popcorn in theaters, large sodas, styrofoam cups, baby formula in hospitals, guns everywhere and he doesn’t give a hoot as to what the people think.

Bloomberg proposed reducing the number of liquor stores and cut advertising.  He wants a national carbon tax and forced restaurants to post calorie counts because customers are idiots. He tried to charge travelers through New York City $8 a day and he wanted to give the morning after pill to school children without the parents’ knowledge.

Fingerprinting residents of public housing was on the list, making the poor feel like criminals. His program, The Final Recycling Frontier was supposed to use waste as fertilizer.

His noise regulations allow dogs to bark for only five minutes at night, no music on ice cream trucks, and you can’t be loud in your own residence, among other regulations monitored by decibels and fines that run up to $25,000.

His ban on cell phones in school outraged parents.

Drones invading privacy was okay with him – more visibility and less privacy is inevitable he said.

His grubby little Fascist fingers even got into taxis. He wanted all cabs to be little square Nissan Vehicles which would be called The Taxi Of Tomorrow.” It violated the Americans for Disabilities Act.

He did it because there are times when government “should infringe on your freedom.” As he has said, you idiots need him to think and choose for you. He once said “you don’t know what you care about. Because what you care about changes with what’s going on in the world, and you need somebody to make those decisions for you.”

In March, 2013, when asked by Dick Gregory why it is the government’s job to tell people what they can or cannot do, Bloomberg responded, “Never. We’re not doing – we’re not telling them at all. We’re telling them what science says is in their interest or isn’t in their interest. We allow you to smoke. We just don’t let you smoke where other people have to breathe the smoke that you – that you’re exhaling or comes from your cigarette. The same thing with obesity, which incidentally is a public interest because we’re going to spend five billion dollars on treating people of obesity in our hospitals in New York City alone this year.”

Where in the Constitution does it say he gets to do that? I must have missed it.

Do you want him for your president? Kind of ironic that he doesn’t like Trump and thinks he’s crazy when he’s a nut himself.

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