President might dismiss war crimes cases against 3 military service members


President Trump will take “imminent” action on the cases of three former U.S. military service members accused of war crimes, Fox News’ Pete Hegseth reported Monday.

On “Fox & Friends,” Hegseth said Trump ordered the review of the charges against Army 1st Lt. Clint Lorance and Army Green Beret Maj. Matt Golsteyn. He has met with Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and action could come soon.

“It doesn’t have to be a pardon or a commutation,” Hegseth said. “It could be, but pardons and commutations imply guilt, that you’ve done something wrong and you need to be forgiven for that. The president, as the commander-in-chief, has a lot of latitude under the Uniform Code of Military Justice to dismiss a case or change a sentence. From what I understand, that is likely what will happen here shortly.”

President Trump also wants to restore the rank of former Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher. He was acquitted in July in the killing of an ISIS fighter in Iraq, but he was reduced in rank and his pension was reduced.

The President wants to act before Veterans Day on November 11. President Trump believes the Army is still going under Obama’s rules of engagement and sees them as too prohibitive.


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