President Obama Goes Into a Typical Delusional State During a Speech at D.C. Synagogue


Obama with a yarmulke

Barack Obama, during an address at the Adas Israel synagogue in D.C., said that “The people of Israel must always know America has its back.”

That’s not true! We have no one’s back.

Disagreements with Israel don’t mean a lack of support for our longtime U.S. ally, he claimed.

Uh, maybe the fact he’s helping Iran get a bomb does. He swears by the nuke deal. “This deal will have my name on it,” he said, as if that means anything.

That’s not all he said. This is truly delusional.

Obama tries to make it seem as if it’s only a disagreement with Prime Minister Netanyahu. He’s trying to divide and conquer Israel, the way he does Americans. 

This is a real joke. He said Thursday during an interview with the Atlantic it was okay for Iran to be racist and anti-Semitic.

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