President Offers His Take on The Woodward Book of Anonymous Bashers


President Trump responded to the Woodward gossip book. The book trashes the President and paints a picture of a White House in chaos. All the sources for the book are anonymous.

The President thinks the leaks cited in the Woodward book are about Brett Kavanaugh but the Sentinel thinks they’re about the mid-terms. It’s always about destroying the President in the end of course.

ABC News has a clip also.

CNN is bashing the President for allegedly trying to find out who in the White House spoke with Woodward. But, of course, he should and they should be fired immediately.

Rudy Guiliani, the President’s lawyer, is calling for the Woodward tapes to be released.


One clip from CBS News: “I am into fiction, like General Mattis, so maybe I’ll take a look at this one”: Sarah Huckabee Sanders slams Bob Woodward’s new book, “Fear,” telling reporters it’s not an accurate reflection of the Trump White House.


Top Officials Say Quotes Attributed to Them in Woodward’s Book Are Lies


  1. An interesting bit in the audio of Trump and Woodward. The way which Woodward phrased a question Trump’s reply assumes it will be a negative piece and yet Trump is fine with that. So much for the media saying Trump doesn’t want to allow “negative” stories.

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