President Plans to STOP Central Americans from entering US Illegally


President Trump plans to make a massive and decisive change to asylum that will stop Central American migrants from coming into the United States.

According to Politico, Trump is “considering sweeping restrictions on asylum” that will block the Central Americans from entering the U.S.

A draft proposal prohibits migrants seeking asylum if they came through a country other than their own before coming to the U.S. [That is actually U.S. asylum law.]

They must seek asylum in that country. It will force people to apply for asylum to the U.S. in their country. Trump alluded to it this morning and so did border patrol spokesman Brandon Judd on Fox News.

Both said something big would take place. He will use executive action to make it happen.

“This is a big league statement,” the President told reporters on South Lawn. “We are going to do something very dramatic on the border.”

On Memorial Day alone, 2200 came into the U.S. illegally in only one location on the border.

  • If whatever he is going to announce has been available all along, it should have been announced months ago. I don’t understand the reason for all these delays. Whatever he has available to him, he needs to trot it out and use it immediately. All of the solutions–not just one at a time.

    • I agree. We’re in year 3 and where the hell has he been? He got elected on the issue of securing the border. So where the hell has he been? Use the army. Shut it down. We did better on horseback when the ranchers secured the border. I think they just need to some blood. Maybe a lot of blood before he actually does anything.

  • Something BIG, you say? How big? Will it be as enormous as those harsh words you issued during the beginning of the so called ‘caravans’, giving dire warnings that they should turn around and go back because they won’t be allowed in? And then to show that, by golly, you’re NOT kidding around here and then…. LET THEM IN? Would it be too BIG of us, we the people, to demand that you either put up or STFU?

  • I’m glad the POTUS is “considering” making changes. I wish he’d actually MAKE them. He “considered” building a wall too…but we’re still waiting on that. Before you jump on me, I’m MAGA all the way, but enough is enough. I don’t know if he’ll even get a second term with no wall.