President Putin Trots Out Medvedev to Threaten All of Ukraine


Russian President Putin trotted out close ally Dmitry Medvedev to do what he always does – warn and threaten – and that’s what he did. Standing in front of a map with a very dwarfed Ukraine, the former Russia president Dmitry Medvedev said “Ukraine is Russia.”

They are threatening to take all of Ukraine.

Ukraine President Zelensky is looking for a Plan B now that money from the US is held up. The Saudis are looking for a BRICS win, and Zelensky is groveling in a meeting with Saudi Arabia. This suggests he will join up with the multipolar order.

All the administration has to do is protect and secure the US borders, and the money will once again flow to Ukraine. It’s the only leverage the House has.

The build-back better administration will not bend on the border because it is 100% behind the UN’s call for a new world order, as outlined in its sustainable goals and promoted by the World Economic Forum.

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