President releases transcript of 1st Zelensky phone call


The White House has released a transcript summary of President Donald J. Trump’s first phone call with newly-elected Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in April. The tone of the call was congratulatory as it took place within hours of Zelensky’s stunning election landslide.

There were compliments exchanged between the leaders and invitations.

President Zelensky invited President Trump to his inauguration and the President promised to look into it or at least invite “a great representative.” Mr. Zelensky also invited him to Ukraine and the President said he would like to invite him to the White House. The Ukraine President recently visited the White House.

The President agreed to meet President Zelensky WITHOUT ANY PRECONDITIONS. No quid pro quo, no extortion, and no bribery here.



  1. The demoncrats will next say that President Trump (I just love writing that) invited the president of Ukraine to the White House so that he, Zelensky, could deliver the payoff in person and Adam Skiff has the incontrovertible proof.

  2. Trump is playing rope-a-dope with Democrats. That’s the technique the famous boxer Ali invented. Basically, Ali was getting hit hard and would back into the ropes. He’d let the other boxer keep hitting him. Then, out of nowhere, especially when the boxer’s punches couldn’t deck him, Ali would start throwing devastating punches and beat his opponent.

    I wonder if Trump is doing the same. Because nothing makes the Democrats look more foolish and less American than suckering them in, thinking they are winning, then BOOM!

  3. Notice that Shiff for Brains, is using the female amb. to try to pander for the Dem’s woman’s votes. She was replaced by Another Amb. which IS the POTUS choice.

    Notice the “Witch Hunt” (#4 so far?) is because they feel that POTUS Trump should NOT have said anything to the new president of the Ukraine. But, Obama ‘Actually DID threaten 8-9 nations, with Stopping Aid, IF they didn’t do what HE DEMANDED OF THEM? Why isn’t THAT story making the rounds-It should go “Viral” since we have the double standards for Trump, shouldn’t it?

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