President Reminds His Personal Assistant of the Confidentiality Agreement


The president referenced the “fully enforceable” confidentiality agreement with the former director of Oval Office operations, Madeleine Westerhourt, in a tweet on Saturday, adding he did not believe there was any need to use it against the 29-year-old.

She came from the RNC and had been Trump’s assistant since he became president. She left her position this week after saying some nasty things about the President’s family to a small group of reporters at a dinner. The President is very protective of his family and what she said was not nice.

Allegedly, she cried the night Trump won over Hillary. Some felt she was a leaker but it’s not likely. The media would have protected her.


Trump seemed forgiving in his references to Westerhout, as he spoke to reporters on Friday, according to Politico.

“She was with reporters. Everything she said was off the record. Mentioned a couple of things about my children,” he said at the White House before departing for Camp David for the weekend, defending Westerhout as basically a “good person.”

“I think she said some things and she called me, she was very upset. She was very down. She said she was drinking a little bit,” Trump said Friday. “I just spoke to her, just before I came out, and I wish her well.”

What she said was: he didn’t want to be photographed with his youngest daughter Tiffany because she is fat; he has a better relationship with Westerhout than either of his two daughters; and, jokingly, she said he couldn’t pick Tiffany out of a crowd.

Westerhout didn’t leak but what she did say was nasty.

He doesn’t want her writing a tell-all, but if she can’t get a job at age 29, she might. Perhaps they can get her a job somewhere but who would want someone who might talk about your family?

The President mentioned Omarosa who is out to “take him down.” There is also Scaramucci, another blowhard.


The President doesn’t want another Scaramucci or Omarosa. Those two are despicable.

Scaramucci and Omarosa are out bashing the President but many in the press are beginning to realize it’s not helping them.

Those two are bloviating opportunists with elevated opinions of themselves and the power they have.

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