President says the DOJ IG report is “historic”! It was an overthrow attempt!


President Trump said Friday that a government watchdog report on the FBI’s spying on his 2016 campaign will uncover “the biggest political scandal in the history of our country.”

“The word is, it’s historic,” Mr. Trump said of the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report. “That’s what I hear.”

Speaking on “Fox & Friends,” the president said he wasn’t surprised about a new report that an ex-FBI lawyer is being investigated for altering documents related to Carter Page aand surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016.

“They were spying on my campaign, and it went right to the top,” Mr. Trump said. “Everybody knows it. And now we’re going to find out. This was an overthrow attempt at the presidency. I think this [report about the FBI agent] is nothing compared to what you’ll see over the next couple of weeks.”



  1. Astounding that everyone on both sides knows that Russiagate was a scam and failed coup…and that this impeachment nonsense is the same. And yet the bad guys walk at liberty, among us, free to continue to sow destruction within our system. Lucky for the insurrectionists they aren’t Republicans!

  2. This is what this whole mess is was and out and out attempt to overthrow Trump.Nothing more nothing less.Heads need to roll but I doubt that will happen Dem/communists never have to pay its called the double standard.


    Though the mills of God grind slowly,
    Yet they grind exceeding small
    Though with patience he stands waiting,
    With exactness grinds he all.


  4. There is no substitute for indictments. Indictments are the only solution. A damning IG report is far overdue, they get no credit at all.

  5. If the investigation reveals the coup was in force and was based on false information and lies, then the resulting findings point to Treason. Those immediately involved with falsifying information are in danger of penalties governed by Treason, one of which is death. People involved should be very wary, and those involved with the prosecuting should take steps to prevent the accused of fleeing the country.

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