President says troops are coming home & we should keep the oil


President Trump announced on Twitter today that the Turks will not fire on any Kurds as they secure the ISIS prisoners and prepare to leave. Turkey will allegedly serve as a backup.

He also insists again that our soldiers are coming home or going to other regions where they are needed. It was a campaign promise. While many in Congress are deeply concerned, we would like to know when do we leave then? Why does a month turn into a decade?

The mission was to secure ISIS and for now, that is the case, although no one trusts the Turks or the Kurds or any of the bad actors in the region.

The President has long said we should keep the oil. It seems as if he wants to keep it. If we are guarding it to keep it out of Iran’s hands, maybe we should. We have spent a lot of money on these wars we have not won, excluding the one against ISIS.

Isolationism is wrong, but isn’t engaging in endless wars — we don’t win — also wrong? To us, it looks like President Trump ended an Obama war that flooded Turkey with nearly half-a-million refugees and terrorists. He negotiated us out of there and Russia gets stuck with watching over it all but we get the oil and the Kurds will be safe. Assad gets to keep Syria if they protect Turkey from terrorists.

We don’t have to monitor Syria’s borders while our own borders go unmanned properly.

This could be a laudatory win but the MSM hates it. Our politicians mostly hate it but they have to start thinking out of the box.



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