President Takes on the Judiciary over Their Twitter Rulings


Judicial tyranny today is such that the President must cede his rights over to them. Take the fact that judges ordered him to not ban some pretty awful people who are trolling him.

That might change despite the left’s best efforts at making judges a rogue superpower.

The Hill reported:

“The Department of Justice on Friday asked a federal appeals court to reconsider a case in which President Trump was told he could not legally block people on Twitter from seeing his tweets.

“The DOJ’s Friday court filing requests a rehearing from the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, which has not yet said whether it will hear the case, CNN reported.

The argument is it is the President’s personal account they are overseeing, one he has had for years.

“In the filing, the DOJ argued that Trump — whose personal Twitter account is not owned by the federal government and which was used by Trump for years prior to taking office — should be able to choose who accesses and interacts with his account, according to CNN.

“‘An official’s decision to exclude someone from his personal residence would not exercise the authority of the government, even if he were giving official statements on that property on that day,’ the court filing reportedly reads. ‘And what is true for real property is likewise true for a social media account.'”

No more judicial superintendence of personal social media accounts, public official or not!

“The lawsuit added that the First Amendment ‘does not warrant this type of judicial superintendence of personal social media accounts owned by public officials.'”

Who are these judges?

The Constitution is not meant to make the President subservient to the judiciary and the judiciary is not subservient to the President. It’s called the balance of power. The same goes for Congress, State’s Rights, and a whole host of protections built into the Constitution to protect the American people.

Let’s return to the rule of law.



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