President tells all to Piers, MSM lies, & eco-protesters leave tons of trash


The coverage of the President’s visit has been underwhelming and it clarifies why people hate the media. MSMS isn’t reporting protests accurately, nor are they reporting the positive fairly. But they are continuously talking about everything negative. One thing they forgot to mention is one of the compliments from Theresa May.

Theresa May said during her joint presser with Trump, “Since we spoke about NATO during my first visit to the White House, we have maintained our support for this crucial alliance. Thanks in part to your clear message on burden sharing, Donald, we have seen members pledge another $100 billion, increasing their contributions to our shared security.”

That’s not small change.


Piers Morgan landed an interview with the President. He talked about the accusation that the President called Meghan Markle “nasty,” referenced a conversation with Prince Charles on climate change, and he discussed his mother who came from Scotland and loved the U.K. and the Royal family, especially the Queen, and much more.

Thousands turned out to support Trump, but people only want to talk about the anti-Trumpers, a crowd of around 5 to 10,000, mostly communists led by Jeremy Corbyn, who protested him with silly balloons.


As is common with the eco-terrorists, they left their mounds of trash behind. So much for the planet!

We picked up most of the trash clips from Hoax and Change.

  • Leftists have nothing but hate in their hearts. That is why they are in a perpetual state of anger and outrage. So pathetic!