President Tells Nancy He’ll See Her Next Week! UPDATE Pelosi Responds


Updated to include Nancy Pelosi’s nasty response and the President’s response to her

President Trump has every intention of giving the State of the Union before Congress on time next Tuesday. In a letter to Speaker Pelosi, he wrote, “It would be so very sad for our Country if the State of the Union were not delivered on time, on schedule, and very importantly, on location!”

In his letter, he explained that there are no security concerns, therefore, he kindly accepts her original invitation.

However, Capitol Hill reporter Manu Raju said Pelosi told her members not to invite their families to come to Washington next week. He continued, saying that it’s “a sign she had no plans to let the State of the Union take place in the House. She has yet to officially say the SOTU is off.”

Someone tell Nancy it is the peoples’ House, not Obstructionist Nancy’s House.


Pelosi responded and said she won’t reinvite him, but she has dropped the lie about security being the issue. “There will be no State of the Union on Tuesday in the House,” she said.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday she won’t allow President Trump to deliver his State of the Union address from the House chamber next week.

“I am writing to inform you that the House of Representatives will not consider a concurrent resolution authorizing the president’s State of the Union address in the House chamber until the government has opened,” she wrote.

The problem is she won’t negotiate so the government can reopen.


The President was speaking with reporters when she responded and he told them he wasn’t surprised.

“I’m not surprised,” President Trump said, adding, “It’s really a shame what’s happening with the Democrats. They’ve become radicalized. They don’t want to see crime stopped, which we can very easily do on the southern border, and it really is a shame what’s happening with the Democrats.

“This will go on for a while, but ultimately, the American people will have their way, because they want to see no crime,” he said, promising that the White House will respond to it in a timely manner.

He said, “We’ll do something in the alternative.”


“Now we need to see if Pelosi and Sen. Schumer really want to start negotiating in good faith or take the childish ‘I don’t like that tone’ or ‘What else are you going to give me approach?’ which has no place in the U.S. Senate.”

It won’t happen. According to a Raju tweet, “In private caucus meeting, Pelosi urged her caucus to stay united and stick with the plan, referring to reopen government first before border security talks, per sources. She emphasized to caucus that they are more powerful when they are united, not when they are freelancing.”

The reopen the government angle is a lie. The President already offered that. The open borders Democrats won’t negotiate on the wall.

Democrats can’t let Trump have a win. Everything they are doing is to win the next election underhandedly, at the expense of Americans.

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